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What a busy day we’re having, and I nailed my 3 Dots performance

Greetings, readers. Between getting ready for next week’s shoulder surgery – complete with its follow up appointments – and other office goings on – such a meeting with my accountant – it has one heck of a busy day. As it just so happens, today is also what we call pay everything day. That means checks for rent, Rebecca, and other such end of the month expenses. Usually Rebecca and I are done with the blog by now, but we are just starting it at 12:07.

Speaking of the blog, while I am in the hospital overnight next week, Rebecca will take care of the mid-week blog entry. I’m certain it will be a great one. When I come back from having my shoulder worked on and can use that arm and hand to type, I plan to get back to the second entry of the week, probably on a Monday since Sunday Football is back. So look for that within a few weeks.

Well, my performance at 3 Dots (the local artists hangout) was a smashing success. I sung a set of Beatles songs, and a set of KISS. It was extremely unfortunate that the weather did not cooperate. The pouring rain kept the attendance very low. But the folks who were there loved it. Also, it gave me the opportunity to show my work ethic that whether I’m playing in front of 200 people or 2, I gave the same all-out performance. The entire show was captured on video and at some point I might put it up here on the blog or my Facebook page.

You know me, readers, I love to talk about the weather. This early morning was beautiful. A cloudless sunny day. Now some white puffy clouds are appearing and I don’t know if that means rain tonight or not. For those of you who were or are still in the path of Hurricane Dorian, my prayers go out to you.

Please send prayers my way for a successful arthroscopic procedure next Wednesday. Rebecca will have a blog post for that day, and I’ll be back with you the following Wednesday with a blog entry. Until then, have a good week, take care, and as always happy reading.

Last minute things to do before camp 2016

Greetings, readers. It is less than a day until I leave for Bear Spring Camps. How these last three weeks have flown. I always think I have tons of time to prepare and pack but before I know it is the eve of the trip. Yikes!

I was able to do all my laundry yesterday and the suitcase has been cleaned out. I am going with my friend David and family this year, instead of renting a vehicle to drive myself, so I will have to be inventive while packing. I won’t be able to take quite as much stuff. No problem. My radio is put aside, as are the fishing rod and bait box, not to mention Mom’s binoculars. I think if I concentrate, I can get all my errands done and get packed before the evening gets too late. I want to get a good night’s sleep, so I am well rested for the trip. Maine, here we come. 🙂

On a sadder note, today is my friend Terry’s funeral. With work hours and last-minute packing, I will not be able to attend to pay my final respects. Although this troubles me, there is not much I can do about it. I’ll say a prayer and my good-byes from here at the apartment. I’m sure his family will understand.

As usual, Rebecca will take over for the next week and a half, putting up at least three blog entries, perhaps more. I am always appreciative when Rebecca takes over the blog and keeps it going. We never seem to skip a beat. Whoo-hoot to Rebecca.

After work hours today, I’ll make a bank run, a drug store run, visit Traci, come home and I’ll be here the rest of the day. I’ll finish my packing, and last but not least – maybe even tomorrow morning – I will do the cat litter box. That is not my favorite chore but it must be done.

Until Rebecca picks it up next time, enjoy, take care, and I’ll see you in about twelve days. And, oh yes, as always, happy reading.

I’m going to have a very busy week and weekend

Greetings, readers. With my Beatles show this Friday, I’ll be quite tired after 4pm. The show is going to last approximately two hours. I know that might not sound very long, but there are many songs on the playlist. Selections include “Love Me Do”, “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, “Lady Madonna”, and “Get Back”. I’ve tried to choose a good selection of songs from their early years and their later years. Some I have sung in shows before, but a few I have never performed in public before. I am excited, but everything seems to crowding into the same seven days.

I was hoping to have this weekend to chill out after the show. A minor apartment inspection is taking place on Monday, so I’ll be doing a little spring cleaning over the weekend instead. As I’ve said before, I’m working on my junior hoarding problem, and I’ll need this weekend to get a couple of places the way I want them for the inspection.

One of the two places I’m worried about is under the kitchen counters. I’ll have to check for bugs and things of that nature; my girlfriend Traci told me that other people in the building have had small issues with little critters. The second area of main concern is my bedroom/storage unit. I think ten to fifteen trips down to the dumpster will do it. I definitely see myself throwing things away this time. As hard as that will be for me to do, I’ll feel better about myself when it is done, and there will be less stuff. I guess that is the whole point of spring cleaning.

This is the time line of what goes on in order for me to sign my new lease every year. In May, the inspection. With July comes the signing of the new lease, which begins October 1st. Sometimes I really don’t understand why things have to be done five months early. But I do realize I am not the only person in the building and these inspections, whether done by our office manager, or by our housing authority, must be done for everyone in the building.

I always hate inspections, I don’t think anyone loves them, and I will certainly be happy when it is over. I always work myself up to a big tizzy for nothing. A number of years ago, the person doing the inspecting was literally in my apartment for less than 60 seconds. I got a chuckle out of that.

We will be doing a blog entry tomorrow and going to the local library to print off the show’s playlist so that folks will be able to see what song is next. If I told you I wasn’t nervous about this show I would be a liar. Motivation for practice has been very low this past week. Though I am excited to do this show, I will be very glad when it’s over.

Until tomorrow, take care, enjoy the rest of your day, and happy reading.

From Rebecca: Joe has a busy weekend

Hi, all. As regular readers know, Joe’s friend David is coming here for the weekend. Yesterday, Joe found out that other relatives are coming in this weekend as well. Very exciting but it will take a lot of his time and energy. So he will be too busy to do a blog entry today. Darren will get the chance to meet David tomorrow afternoon when we join them for a meal. It should be fun and I am looking forward to it.

We are forecast to have warmer weather this next week, which is so welcome. Hopefully it will melt some of the ice and snow that has been in parking lots and lawns for over a month.

Until next Wednesday, have a great day, take care, and happy reading.