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Top ten list of favorite holidays

Greetings, readers. Today’s top ten list, as you can see by the title, is my favorite holidays. So here they are and one through five are in order.

#10. Valentine’s Day [I used to love this holiday, but with my luck with the opposite gender not being so good, this holiday has slipped way down on my list.]

#9. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day [When Mom and Dad were alive, I would get them nice gifts and sometimes I would buy Mom flowers. Now that they are both gone, I visit their gravesites on those days.]

#8. Memorial Day [As a kid I loved Memorial Day for on that weekend the Indianapolis 500 race would be on TV. It is one of my favorite sporting events. Also this holiday meant the end of the school year was soon approaching and summer time would soon begin.]

#7. Labor Day [This is the day where the workers of the United States are honored, and when I was a kid it meant the end of summer and school would begin the next day.]

#6. St. Patrick’s Day [It is an Irish holiday and the tradition is that everyone should dress up with some green in their outfit. I always enjoyed doing this. A couple of years ago I plumb forgot and was teased, though in fun, by my friends at Panera Cafe. I also enjoy the holiday because green just happens to be one of my favorite colors.]

#5. 4th of July [When I was living at home, I would always watch the New York Macy’s 4th of July fireworks, which was shown on a New York TV station that our cable company picked up. I watched it for at least a decade before they went with alternate programing. Now, kitty cat Keekee and I watch our local fireworks from the living room window on the top floor of my apartment building. The window faces Beaver Stadium where the fireworks are shown.]

#4. Easter [In my youth I enjoyed getting all dressed up in my Sunday best for church. Later when I officially became Catholic, I enjoyed getting palms on Palm Sunday and attending midnight Mass on Easter Eve. Many good memories with Mom and Dad over those years.]

#3. Thanksgiving [Another one of my biggies. As a family oriented person, I always enjoyed holidays such as Thanksgiving where the family got together, watched parades, football, and eat that delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings. This year I am going to watch my parade as usual and partake of the Thanksgiving meal served at one of the local diners. I did that last year and found the day quite satisfying.]

#2. New Year’s Day [New Year’s Eve and Day go together for me. I would always watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, drink some champagne with Mom and Dad on the stroke of midnight. On the day itself, one of my favorite things to do was watch the Cotton bowl game on New Year’s morning. After a day of football and making New Year’s resolutions, the holiday season draws to a close.]

#1. Christmas [My all time favorite holiday. Even as a small child, I knew Mom and Dad bought the presents but I still believed in Santa Claus. I always enjoyed watching Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, a wonderful story told be Burl Ives in that version. In recent years, I concentrate more on the meaning of Christmas, buying myself only a small present perhaps, but I do decorate my tiny apartment. Watching such classics as A Christmas Carol, and TV channel 11’s Yule Log, are must dos, along with plenty of egg nog in between Christmas and New Year’s Day.]

Well, there they are. Most of them are in order. As always please feel free to chime in with your list. Add it on Facebook if you wish. I know that people of other faiths and in other countries celebrate different holidays, and feel free to share about those too.

As always, have a good day and weekend, take care, and happy reading.

I’ll be at Addison Court for at least one more year

Greetings, readers. Today I began the process, i.e. paperwork, for renewing my lease for another year at Addison Court apartment building. I moved in here in 2006 or 2007. I can’t believe I’m quickly approaching a whole decade here in this place. The first year was murder; I wasn’t used to the downtown traffic or all the hustle and bustle outside my window on a Penn State football Friday night. Now I barely hear it.

A few months ago I was highly debating whether I would renew, but suffice it to say there is far less drama than there used to be, and it is once again a very enjoyable place to live. Addison Court is next door to a small grocery store, very near the public library, as well as my very much-loved Panera cafe. In the last year or so something called Zipcar was added to our town. For those that don’t know what that is, it is called car sharing; it is car renting but better. I love it so much I did a blog entry about it. Five Zipcar vehicles are parked near Addison Court, making almost any errand I need to do at a moment’s notice convenient to do.

The folks here at Addison Court are some of the nicest people I have met. Do I love everybody here? That might be going a little extreme, but I try to get along with everyone. We all have our faults. When I finally do leave Addison Court and some time has passed, I think I will write a book about my experiences, changing all the names of course. Watch that be my big seller. Lol.

My absolute favorite thing about Addison Court is my top-floor living room picture window looking out toward Beaver Stadium, where on the 4th of July I have the best seat in the house for the fireworks. I can see them plain as day, without being too close to cause any hearing damage. Those shells are loud folks. Keekee the kitty cat is also fascinated by it; I tell her that it is time to watch the boom-booms.

Will I ever leave Addison Court? Oh, I’ve had pipe dreams of living in a lavish home in Florida with servants, but that is just what dreaming is. We can say, what is your ultimate life and enjoy living it through our dreams. Though in reality I have a nice apartment that takes pets, a good little kitty cat for company, good friends, and for the most part my health. So I’m content to be here at Addison for the foreseeable future.

Look for another blog entry on Friday and as always, take care, have a good day and happy reading.