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My spring cleaning begins a week from tomorrow

Greetings, readers. Yes, I have set my date of April 22nd, to begin my spring cleaning. I’m going to take this week to do lots of writing on my two projects. Work begins promptly at 9 AM tomorrow. I’ll also spend this week tweaking my spring and summer schedule, which not only includes the aforementioned, but also making plans for my trip to Maine in August.

We’ll begin with the trip to Maine. I began going to Bear Spring Camps in 1970, and have only missed three years. Unfortunately, I’m afraid this year… perhaps next, will be my last. As my monetary means run dry, I’m saving up for one last extraordinary vacation. I want it to be a cruise, but recently I’ve seen some articles about cruise ships that are making me think twice. When the time feels right, and the right deal pops up, I’m certain that the dream vacation on the sea will be a go!

With the sunrise earlier and earlier, I think it’s time that I begin getting out of bed before 6 AM. I used to wake up at 3:45 every morning, but that got a bit taxing on my body. So, I pushed it up to six. With the construction people working next door, if I worked from 4:30 until they began working at six, I could have an hour and a half of quiet and solitude for writing. Even though the jack hammers aren’t making noise anymore, trucks and concrete mixers make their own bothersome sounds. When I used to type my material, I would listen to music from the Star Wars albums. Those were quite inspirational to me, but quite impractical when using the speech recognition program. I’m certain I’ll find that happy medium.

Now for the big task! As mentioned earlier, April 22nd, will be the big day that this swamp I call my apartment gets cleaned out. Will this task be completed in one day? No way! I’m looking at a two or three-week task. You see, I can’t clean eight hours a day. With my delicate system, I have to clean for perhaps only an hour at a time, before either taking a break or stopping for the day. First up… the kitchen. That’s not in bad shape at all. I expect I can get that done in an hour or so. When it comes time to go through the mounds of junk on my two broken recliners, a.k.a. dead red and dead blue, I’ll have to have plenty of trash bags and a dust mask. The two areas of the apartment I’m dreading most are the bedroom and the walk-in closet. The back-left corner of the bedroom is one ‘storage area’, while the walk-in closet houses a lifetime of videotapes and DVDs, as well as a plethora of miscellaneous junk. I’m going to need a hand with the closet. Fear not, I shall get it done.

There is today’s blog entry. Continued prayers go out to all who need it. I bid everyone a fantastic few days. Rebecca will be back on Wednesday, and will have a new entry up by 1 PM.

Until then, do take care, love one another, be safe, and as always, happy reading.

From Rebecca: August again

Hi, Joe’s readers. Joe is on the way to Bear Spring Camps in Maine, and I am once again checking in on his cat Keekee during work hours (and one extra day in there) to make sure she has fresh water and food. I know from last year’s experience that now she does not need a lot of petting or attention from me (she barely interacted with me today), but by this time next week she will be clinging to me and shedding like crazy. She is always so happy when Joe comes home.

Joe measures the year from August to August, because his year starts at Bear Spring and he counts down the months until he returns there. And now we are in August. It has been a very good year for Joe. He continued with his blog and also compiled enough entries for a book out of it. I got my personal copy of Greetings, Readers: A Year in the Life of a New Blogger yesterday, and I am proud of my part of bringing it to publication. Joe did a great job with it, if I may say so. I did notice that we forgot to put the subtitle on the inside title page, but I think we can live with that mistake.

I’ve lost track of the Penn State Univ semester schedule, so I don’t know if they are still in summer session or intersession. I do know that the Fall session will start before the end of August and also our public bus system (CATA) will go back to full schedule soon. The summer only has a month or two left in it. How did that happen so fast? Oh, well. I don’t like the hot and humid weather of summer anyway. I think autumn is my favorite season, when it is warm but not hot.

Well, that is all in the future anyway. Today it is the beginning of August. Joe is on vacation, I am writing in the blog while he is away, and Keekee is fine. Happy New Year, Joe.