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The calm after the storm

Greetings, readers. Here in Central Pennsylvania, I believe we were extremely fortunate during hurricane Sandy. Yes, we had wind, rain, and temperatures in the low 40s, but relatively little damage around here. Then, I saw pictures on the Yahoo! news page from places like Atlantic City and Manhattan in New York City. The pictures were surreal. I saw the historic roller coaster and part of the boardwalk in Atlantic City literally underwater. New York City taxi cabs and other vehicles were floating down the city streets. Subway tunnels looked like swimming pools (thank God, Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided to stop service Sunday night). I have personally never been in a hurricane. From the photos I saw, I don’t want to be.

Now, I’m not saying that Pennsylvania didn’t receive damage. I’m sure that Philadelphia and places closer to the coast were much worse off. State College, where I’m from, lies in between a few tall mountain ranges. I’m not trying to be cute here, but they do wonders for breaking up windy storms.

Last night I contacted several family members. I called my cousin Ed in New York state, who luckily was North/ northwest of it all, and hardly got any rain. My brother David, who lives in New Jersey, near Philadelphia, lost some shingles off his roof. Other than that though, they survived. And my aunt in California wanted me to keep her up to date on how I was.

Of course, one of the biggest threats in a storm like this is power outages. Pennsylvania had its share of those. I found out one thing about my apartment building. We do not have a back-up generator. So I, along with a few other people, bought batteries, water, and other basic storm necessaries. My computer weather forecaster says we aren’t to see the sun before Saturday. I’ll be doing a lot of flight simulation between now and then.

Until next time, take care and stay safe where ever you are. And Happy reading.