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It is a backwards day

Greetings, readers. This morning I got up at 5:00 wanting to use my new toy, AKA the new laptop I got last week, but my morning allergies said no. I had to go back to my recliner chair until Rebecca arrived at 9:45 this morning. Instead of getting right to the blog as usual, we made phone calls for doctor’s appointments and re-entered my website passwords. Oh, what fun. It didn’t help matters that Meals on Wheels was almost an hour later than usual, getting here a couple of minutes before my accountant. We had our meeting, and after that was left an hour and four minutes to do everything else we have to do, including this blog entry.

While we were waiting for my accountant, Rebecca and I looked at my blog numbers for the last week and I found them quite encouraging. Especially the number of views for the entry about my mom. Many folks from my Facebook page as well as the Bear Spring Camps Facebook page had a read and it is quite touching to me that my mother was loved by so many.

After a quick snack at Panera, I will have to dart to the bus to make it on time for my work shift, which starts at 3:00. Due to road construction, which made yesterday’s buses run behind schedule, I will need to get as early a bus as I can. If the same thing happens today, I’d rather be early than late.

Last night was super crazy at work. Three people called off, leaving me to be the only register person. I didn’t mind that, I can do that job, but when the fans of the local baseball team, the State College Spikes, brought in their coupons from promotion night, all hell broke loose because of my short-term memory issues. Two sandwiches per ticket with purchase, tap the promo button twice. Once I fully comprehended the concept on attempt number 10, things went more smoothly. We were so short-staffed that I was asked to work past my shift ending time, which I did not mind. I simply told my friend Jim, who had come to meet me, that I would be with him ASAP.

Although all the business made yesterday seem to go fast, I’m hoping for a nice slow day today at work. It would mean less stress on register and would give me more time to do my side work. I’m scheduled to work from 3pm to 8pm. Time will tell. After that, I’ll be off for two days. In essence, I get my weekend on Thursday and Friday.

Tomorrow we will have another blog entry for you to enjoy and next week I already have planned a top ten list. Those always seem to do well. So until tomorrow, I bid you a good day, take care, and happy reading.

Morning allergies, go away, come back another day.

Greetings, readers. Right now as the leaves are beginning to fall off the trees, my allergies have certainly started to kick up. It also could be that kitty cat Keekee sleeps next to me in my recliner chair. But the first few hours of my day are a sneezy disaster.

No matter what time I seem to get up, which is anywhere in between 5:00 and 7:00, the first thing I do is sneeze. Sometimes I’ll take a spritz of nasal spray, but usually I have to let it run its course. Mornings are my computer and writing time so it does get a bit frustrating when I am trying to concentrate on what I’m doing while being plagued by sneezing and a runny nose. With every passing hour though it does get better. I’m having a cleaning person come in to help tidy up in a couple of weeks and she will systematically get this place in order. Good-bye dust! I think my allergies will be much better after that.

I’ve always been prone to allergies. I can remember some spring and fall days when I was a child, being absolutely miserable. I tried the allergy medicine of the time and I remember it helping a little bit but not completely. I don’t know where I got my allergies from, for neither Mom nor Dad seemed to be a sufferer.

For those of you who know me, I am not giving up Keekee though there are times when she sheds dramatically. Luckily for me, I’m in Maine at that time, and am spared the worst of it. I love my little girl, and would rather wear a dust mask then to give her away at this stage of her life. There are always allergy shots and other drastic measures. It will depend on if my allergies get worse or not.

On a side note, KISS came to the Bryce Jordan Center this past week, and I held firm in my decision to save money by not going, as much I wanted to. The money for the ticket can be better spent elsewhere. It is a shame, since it will probably be the last time they come to State College. Thanks to someone who uploads videos to YouTube, to my great surprise the entire show is there in multiple segments. How nice. I won’t have to miss it after all. The only downer, that person started their recording half-way through the first song … which just happens to be my favorite. What can you do?

Until tomorrow morning, enjoy your day, take care, love one another, and happy reading.

Joey is cranky

Greetings, readers. When I was a little boy and things weren’t quite going my way, my mom would ask me, “Is Joey cranky?” That really got under my skin and I remember that phrase to this day.

This morning I was up before 7:00, and as I was feeding Keekee, I could already tell that my allergies were going to be a pain in the ass. I had plans to be reading Four’s a Crowd no later than 9:00. That way I’d have some food and coffee in me along with my medication and I could concentrate. My allergies said ha ha, we’re not cooperating.

By 10:30, I was so exasperated that I could not get my morning reading done before I had to leave to meet Rebecca, that I closed the computer, said a few choice phrases, and went to my recliner to put my head back. By the time I had to leave my apartment, my allergy attack was over.

Why does this make me cranky? Well, with Darren waiting for the project to be read, I am kind of in the hot seat to get it done. And, basically, I wasted three hours this morning. This evening I will put my ‘do not disturb’ sign on my door and read my chapters then. If it is my turn to call bingo, oh well, I will make sure to do it next week. I can’t accommodate everybody.

I’m also a little bit cranky because of a news story I read this morning. I read that in Overton Texas this past Monday a police officer shut down the lemonade stand of two little girls because they did not have a permit. Their objective was to earn enough money to get their dad a Father’s Day gift. Perhaps technically lemonade stands are illegal, but I’ve seen them all over my town, and I can’t believe that this police officer had nothing better to do crime-wise than to bust two little girls. Thumbs down on that one.

However, this makes me think that if I ever do decide to have an outdoor air guitar performance, I’d better look into all the technicalities. Luckily, our municipal building is right next door.

One bright note, it is a rather hot but sunny day here. To me it feels like the real first day of summer. Rain is expected later and we do need it. So let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. Ha ha.

I’m thinking of having a top ten list for my next blog entry which will either be tomorrow or on Wednesday. Until then, take care, have a great day, and happy reading.

Singing in the rain … inside

Greetings, readers. I got to bed unusually late last night. Around midnight or so, I looked out my window and saw rain coming down in sheets. I figured, this torrential storm will last 15 to 20 minutes tops. LOL. Boy, was I wrong. It kept coming and coming and coming. For a second I thought about building an ark.

I love a good rain storm. Thunder, lightening, a little wind. It adds to the spice of life. However, around 2:00 a.m., I felt a rain drop on my ankle. I looked up and my ceiling was leaking. Out loud I said, “Oh, crap.”

As the rain just got harder outside, another small area of ceiling began to drip with water and a few white flakes of ceiling panel came down on the floor. I quickly ran to get a towel and a bowl. I didn’t want the water to ruin my carpet, or worse, seep down to someone else’s ceiling. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, a chunk of tile let go and four separate droplet leaks were happening simultaneously. If it had not been so late at night, I would have called emergency maintenance. I did not want to go to bed until I was certain that the rain was at least letting up. I decided to deal with the damage in the morning.

When I awoke, I looked out the window and saw clouds but no rain. I was quite relieved. I was shocked to see how many white flakes of ceiling tile lay on my towel. I gathered it up and checked the carpet. Luckily, the carpet wasn’t very wet. For once, I thought ahead, and by putting that towel down, damage to the carpet was avoided.

Our office manager, Kim, is away on vacation, but maintenance is on site today. When I see Brian, I will mention to him what happened, but I’ll also let him know that the roof will have to be fixed first, before any work is done on my ceiling, or else it will just happen again.

On a quick side note, Rebecca and I are back in action today after an unusual week. I worked with Darren yesterday on the Kimberly novel project. On Wednesday, Rebecca went to the dentist and I had a doctor’s appointment, so we didn’t work that day. Next week will be a normal week for us with three days of writing and two blog entries.

Until then, enjoy your weekend, take care, and happy reading.

P.S. If you are having allergies like I am having, Gesundheit.

Homework assignment still pending and I’m under the weather

Greetings, readers. As the title implies, there is a correlation between my homework assignment not being done and the cold that I am trying to ward off. Either I have successfully caught the cold going around State College, or I’m having one monstrous allergy attack. It did interfere with my writing, but I’m about to tell you the good news.

The short story which was my homework assignment is complete in my mind. I just have to get to feeling better to type it out. I showed Rebecca what I have so far and she thinks I’m off to a good start, which pleased me to no end. On the other hand, it was a little frustrating because I so wanted to get between three and four pages done, and just didn’t. After our blog entry is complete today, Rebecca and I are going to outline the rest of the story. I’ve had it locked in my brain for the last several days, which is unusual for me because most times I make it up as I go along.

I remember when I was writing my play Kimberly I had a vague idea of where I wanted it to go, but all the little plot twists happened on the spur of the moment. Oh yes, those were the days when I could crank out the first draft of a play in less than a year. Today I fear it would take at least twice as long.

The dream of being a writer will always be with me, but making it a career is turning out to be more of a problem that I first thought. Yes, I do get the occasional sale, but it comes far from paying the rent. At some point, I think what I might have to do is get myself a part-time job to help structure my life more, and Rebecca and I will work around our other work schedules. I don’t want that to have to be the case, I’m quite happy doing what I am doing right now, but unless we can find a way to successfully market the books better, some change might be in the offing in January or February.

The next blog entry will be a From Rebecca and then my next one will be next Wednesday. By then I hope to be fully recovered from whatever this sinus thing is. I also hope to have my homework assignment completed and even be on to the next one. Until next time, take care, enjoy your day, and happy reading.

Saturday weekly update – 4/21/12

Greetings, readers. Today, Saturday April 21, 2012, my writing assistant, Rebecca, and I are hard at work editing the final few stories of my second Bear Spring Camps book. I am extremely pleased with the progress we’ve made over the last month. Very soon, Rebecca and I will be decreasing the number of hours a week we work and I suppose I’m trying to get as much done as possible before that time arrives.

On to some other topics of interest. Today is the annual Penn State University Blue/White football game. ‘Tis the end of spring practice. Our new head coach Bill O’Brien hopes to have his team ready to contend when the real season begins in late August. But the annual scrimmage is, for some players, their last chance to prove that they belong on the team. {From Rebecca: I always thought that the game was also to find out which players should play which positions.} I have noticed a great increase in traffic today, as well as numerous blue and white flags on cars traveling to Beaver Stadium.

Also some exciting news. Webster’s Bookstore Cafe is now open again. Welcome back Elaine Meder-Wilgus. Whoo-hoot! Rebecca and I stopped into to see her and we inquired as to whether she would like to carry my first book, Picking Up Where We Left Off: My Bear Spring Camps Stories. She happily agreed : ) She has copies of my book on consignment, that are either for sale now or will be soon.

Lastly, I visited my Godmother last night for supper and all in all things went well. However, achoo-achoo! My allergies drove me nuts. Can anyone suggest anything better than over-the-counter allergy meds? They just don’t seem to be working for me this spring. We had steaks for supper with mushrooms and onions, spinach souffle, and baby red potatoes. In one word: yummy. Unfortunately I did have to cut my visit short due to the old nose.

For next week’s blog posts, I shall give my point of view on what is now quickly appearing to be Obama vs. Romney. I don’t think and Republican can catch Mitt at this point. As my regular readers know, I tend not to talk about controversal topics such religion and politics. But next week I shall give it a go. I wish all of my readers a pleasant weekend and look for me on Wednesday.