Summer top ten list of KISS songs – #90 through #81!

Greetings, readers. Here we are with the week two installment of the top 100 songs from KISS. Today, it’s 90 – 81. So here we go!

90. King Of The Mountain – [ The first song on the Asylum album, speaks to me about going for what you want in life, and never letting anything stand in your way of reaching the top. ]

89. Who Wants To Be Lonely – [ A Paul Stanley song, a medium tempo song talking about not wanting to be alone. Find your love and be with them. ]

88. Exciter – [ The lead-off number to the Lick It Up album, Paul is the man who knows what you desire, and he’s the one who going to give it to you. ]

87. All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose – [ The first song on the second side of Lick It Up, don’t mess with these guys because they’re confident and will succeed in anything they do. ]

86. Not For The Innocent – [ This song is sung by Gene Simmons, again on Lick It Up, mean, dirty and definitely a bunch that you, “better lock up your daughters” from. Even though this song is raunchy, sexual and blatant, I like it because it’s in my vocal range. I can sing to it easily. ]

85. Two Sides Of The Coin – [ In this song from the Unmasked album, Ace Frehley talks about the fact that there’s always two sides to everything, including which woman to choose; popular stud! ]

84. She’s So European – [ Gene sings this song, also from the Unmasked album, and speaks of a woman drinking champagne, looking to snare a man in her web. A great song from KISS’ pop/disco era. Side note, in a Gene Simmons Band show, the were in Australia and changed the title to She’s Is So Australian. 😉 ]

83. Dark Light – [ A super-cool Ace song from Music From The Elder. He treats us to, what I consider, his very best guitar solo…, EVER! ]

82. Escape From The Island – [Only the second totally instrumental song by KISS, It provides us with some fantastic Ace guitar and a drum solo by 2nd. year drummer, Eric Carr. ]

81. Dirty Livin’ – [ This is the only song on the Dynasty album which Criss was a part of. He was basically on the way out, replaced by drummer, Anton Fig. His only other new song, I Finally Found My Way, would come years later on the reunion Album, Psycho Circus. It’s one of my all-time favorite songs.

I’ve added a poll…, a first for me. We’ll see if it works or not.

Well, there they are. Next week, 80 – 71. Until next week, take care, use social distancing, check on your neighbors, love one another, and as always, happy reading.

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