It’s going to be a hectic few weeks

Greetings, readers. Until further notice, Rebecca and I are going to have a different work schedule. She will come in on Wednesdays as usual, and we will write the blog entry, check the mail, and have the weekly meeting with my accountant. For the next two to three weeks, quite possibly, I will have work shifts at my job on Thursdays, in addition to my regular shifts on Fridays and Saturdays. My poor aching feet! This means that Rebecca will be working from home and doing that day’s blog entry. It’s not an ideal situation for my creative writing, but we can make do.

I’m kind of in a dark place right now emotionally, but that never lasts very long. I feel myself slipping into a rut, then every other Friday I see my pay come into my bank account and all is right with the world again. In the next few days I am going to sit down, re-prioritize a few things, and get back to my happy place.

Today is the last day of our Indian Summer, thank goodness. Today’s high is 86 degrees fahrenheit and tomorrow might not even reach 70. Yes, I will admit it, it is going to feel so good. I know I tend to talk about the weather too much here in the blog, but 86 degrees in late September is a bit much. President Trump, are you sure you don’t want to change your mind about climate change?

After work hours today, I have to do a quick load of laundry and go visit my friend Traci at the hospital. The poor dear broke her ankle yesterday. It was not exactly the birthday present she was hoping for. After that is home to bed to get ready for job work shifts Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

I enjoyed the football games this past weekend, with one notable exception. I want to speak briefly about the trend in sports with players failing to show respect for our National Anthem. Before I get to that, let me mention my biggest pet peeve about the whole thing. I’m going to say it once and once only: Black players talk about their race; are we not all of the human race? I do believe they are referring to their ethnicity. I am the same race as all other people: Black, Asian, Latino, etc., but a different ethnic background. There I have now scratched the chalkboard with my nails. I hope in the future people will learn not to mix up these two terms. Now back to the games this weekend. For a couple of hundred years or so at sporting events there had never been a problem that I know of with putting your hand over your heart for the National Anthem, why should there be a problem now?

After I dictated the paragraph above, Rebecca and I got into a discussion to answer my question. She talked about the reason that the original player, Colin Kaepernick, began to take a knee during the National Anthem, to protest black people getting killed by the police and not getting justice in the courts for it. I didn’t know that. She acknowledged that this weekend many of the people on the fields taking a knee or linking arms were protesting being told to give up first amendment rights by the President, or having him tell the NFL who to fire. Which she knows is also a worthy cause. Though she also hoped that the linked arms were also a message to black people that the NFL supports their rights, too. It was a good discussion. Here is my take on it.

Although I agree with the right to protest, I am just afraid that this might mushroom into something where people putting their hands over their hearts will be the exception rather than the norm. Personally, I’ve not gone to many live games, but the few I have, I’ve either placed my hand over my heart or saluted the flag. The flag of the United States means a lot to me. Even though I never lost a family member to war, I know that the military protects those freedoms that sometimes I take for granted. The flag represents those freedoms.

Okay, I’m done ranting now. For tomorrow’s blog post, Rebecca is going to go back into the archives to pick a good entry that hasn’t been viewed much and share it again. I will be back next Wednesday with a new post. We will get back to our regular two-day work week as soon as possible.

Finally, prayers and good wishes go out to the people in Puerto Rico and the other Caribbean islands who have been so devastated by Hurricane Maria. Also to the folks in the Everglades and all the victims of the recent storm activity. This also includes the people in Mexico still recovering from the earthquake and aftershocks.

Until tomorrow for Rebecca and next week for me, take care, have a great day, and happy reading.

4 thoughts on “It’s going to be a hectic few weeks

  1. I think that these 2 articles articulate good arguments for the “take a knee” protests. Also on instagram #takeaknee there are some vivid political cartoons supporting the protests. Some of my children are Black and through raising them I experience the everyday horrors and sadness that come to innocent youth based only on the color of their skin. We can say that we are one human race, but like it or not, society sees and judges a person on skin color; this leads to harm and sometimes brutality. Thanks for reading my comments.


    1. Hi, Synthia, Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciate having regular readers and people who read beyond the first paragraph.
      While I understand your point of view, I feel very strongly about people standing for the National Anthem and respecting the flag. As much as I abhor violence against Black people and want it to stop, I still don’t want people protesting during sports events. To me that should be three hours where fans forget about their everyday problems and cheer for their favorite team.
      Where is the right place to protest? That is a good question. In the movies, it is done peacefully at City Hall and the message is received by the people. In real life it is much more complicated. I don’t have all the answers.
      I want to reiterate that I do understand your point of view. I am outraged when White police officers shoot Black teenagers and get acquitted. I can just imagine what would happen if a Black officer shot a White man.
      Please feel free to share with me again in the comments. I appreciate your point of view and the chance to learn from others points of view.
      Have a great day, -Joe-


  2. Well Joe here is my take on the weekend events at many football games. The players are not taking the knee or linking their arms to show disrespect for the flag or the anthem. It is a sign that the liberty, freedom and equality guaranteed to all Americans is not afforded to all. This is particularly evident by the racial profiling that takes place. Racism exists in this country which is a great country but not a perfect country. Many athletes of color come from cities that are in terrible condition and they see the people in neighborhoods where they have grown up subjected to profiling by police and suffering with lack of resources, poor schools, high unemployment rates, etc. I personally stand in solidarity with them. I respect the country, and the flag and anthem that represent the ideals of our nation but I want to see all Americans treated equally, and if we can’t make such statements about what is just and right in front of our fellow AMERICANS then what is the purpose of freedom and democracy.


    1. Hi, Chris, I do certainly agree that racial profiling is wrong and I hope that someday this country will come to its senses and treat every human being regardless of ethnicity, religion, or skin color equally. That, I fear, is a long way off.
      Since I’ve written this blog entry, I’ve learned more about why players kneel or lock arms, and I do agree with their reasons. But as I told another commenter moments ago, to me sports should be two or three hours where everyone enjoys the time and cheer for their favorite team.
      I understand that the players do it because they are on television and can be seen. In the perfect world, as in the movies, folks would go down to the court house with their picket signs, march around until the mayor hears what they have to say, and then peacefully go home. Well, we don’t live in the movies. I don’t have all the right answers, sometimes I think I have very few, but I will continue to learn about this topic and perhaps write a blog update in the future.
      As, always, thanks for your comments. Rebecca and I look forward to them. Thank you for being a regular reader and commenter. Take care, have a great day, -Joe-


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