Daily Archives: March 9, 2017

From Rebecca: Busy book day for Joe and Darren

As many regular readers know, Joe wrote a play called Kimberly and my husband Darren is turning it into a book called Four’s a Crowd. It is close to finished now, and Joe was over to our place today to meet with Darren and go over the latest changes. I told Joe I would write today’s post for the blog and I apologize for being a little late with it; I did something else for a few hours and it went right out of my head until a few minutes ago. (Sorry, Joe!)

Darren has worked hard on the novel, and I hope it goes far and wide someday. They are planning to self-publish with CreateSpace when they finish the final writing and edits.

From what I heard today, that time might be soon, maybe in the next six months. Both the play and the novel are about two couples, Alice and Henry, their son Lyle, and his wife Kimberly. The parents move in with the younger couple and there are some adjustments to be made if they are going to live together. The play takes a lighter tone than the novel, which adds some personal problems to the characters for a more serious tone. There is still humor in the novel, and the play forms the skeleton of the book. Part of the hard work Darren did was to keep most of Joe’s play while fleshing out the characters and action. I am so proud of my husband.

We will keep you posted on this book and on Joe’s current project. Joe will be back next week.

Until Wednesday, as Joe would say, have a great weekend, take care, and happy reading.