One hour of sleep does not cut it

Greetings, readers. I don’t want to call myself fortunate today that Rebecca’s husband is under the weather and therefore she has to leave early, because Darren could use some help with a family chore. However, I am grateful for the early stop time.

I had an extremely rough night last night and I am working on a grand total of one hour of sleep. Way not enough. Traci had an issue and she needed my assistance. Her call came at ten minutes until 4:00. By the time I got back to the apartment at 4:15, I was up. You know how that goes. Your brain goes into crisis mode and when the crisis is over it is hard to shut the it down again. So I turned on the computer and checked out Facebook. Not much going on at 4:30. I wanted to play music but couldn’t without disturbing the neighbors. I couldn’t use my earphones because at the moment I am suffering from a severely clogged left ear. I am hoping it is the usual ear wax issue I have about once a year, but this is an unusually bad case of it. I may have to go to my family doctor to get my ears sandblasted, as I call it.

I was going to make this next topic a separate blog entry, but because I played it this morning, why not just tell you now? The other day I purchased from the PlayStation store a rather cheap two-year old video game, which is NASCAR racing. The graphics and physics are excellent. Steering the car is a bitch. The first time I tried to make a lap on the Daytona Speedway I came off turn four and plowed into the wall. And yes, I was turning the joystick to the left; nothing happened. This morning before Rebecca showed up I tried a few short races. I actually got better. One race I didn’t finish last – I finished next to last. NASCAR ’15 is a winner.

Finally, on March 1st ’17, State College experienced its first thunderstorm of the season. Caring about my electronics as I do, off went the PS3 and television. I don’t want any power surges around here.

As I get ready to sign off, I am looking to the rest of my day. I’m going to have a nice long nap while Traci has an appointment, then I shall visit her around 5:30 in the afternoon. That seems to be our pattern now. I think it is a wonderful time for a visit. We listen to music and talk about our day. By the way, I shall let you all know when the wedding date and venue have been arranged. We’ll be sending the “save the date” notices when they are made and ready to be mailed.

Until tomorrow, I wish you a good day, take care, and as always happy reading.


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