Donald Trump has ruined the country I love

Greetings, readers. I am a nervous man. I read the headlines on the internet news pages and I am seeing things going horribly wrong. What’s worse, President-Elect Trump is not even in office yet. He is making choices that I highly question, such as appointing people to head government departments when they oppose the work of those departments, and he does not intend to get daily intelligence briefings. Today I learned that four Republican electors might change their vote to change the outcome of the election. The problem is, who would go in next? Vice President-Elect Pence is no better than Donald, in some ways he is worse. What I would love to see happen is to allow the American people, who overwhelming gave Hillary Clinton the nod in the popular vote, their choice. Is that going to happen? Hell no. Why? Because that would be the right thing to do, and the United States of America hardly does the right thing anymore.

We need gun laws, but no, that interferes with our right to bear arms. So, teenagers and children can get shot up in schools and drive-by shootings. Sorry parents, that’s the Constitution for you. The American dream has become the American nightmare. When I was a kid, the American dream stood for enough money to buy a house, at least one car, and to be able to pay your bills without worry, and maybe even have a little left over for a week’s vacation at the beach. Now, both parents have to work at one or more jobs that don’t pay much, and between child care costs, bills, and grocery bills, people are lucky if they have any savings at the end of the month at all. I’m 51 years old, and for the first time in my life I look around my town and I am scared. There has been an increase of homeless people here, folks who just can’t seem to make it anymore and have given up.

The economy has grown somewhat, as I understand it, but to me those are just numbers. It seems that a lot of people have not seen better times yet. I don’t know how well off we really are, and I certainly don’t think we should have changed the political party in charge at this particular time. Although President Obama had his flaws, the economy did seem to pick up and we have a skeleton health care program which can be improved on. The Republicans wish to scrap it and begin again, leaving everyone who benefited from the Affordable Care Act in the lurch.

I feel like hopping on the ship Queen Mary II, or the Queen Victoria, and doing the immigration trip in reverse. I could visit my family in Holland for four years. Would I move there permanently? No. But right now the U.S. of A. is leaving me with such a sour taste in my mouth that even Listerine isn’t helping. I suppose I’ll be forced to give Donald Trump a chance, but I won’t wait long to bail. My nerves can’t take it. Do I want the President-Elect to drop dead? Absolutely not. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. But it would be nice if he just left office on his own. No other President-Elect since I’ve been born has made me this jittery. Time will tell if my mind eases.

Until tomorrow when we will have another blog entry for you, take care, have a good day, and happy reading.

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump has ruined the country I love

  1. Joe, He doesn’t need those briefings. Those are always the same tired meetings, and his generals are exactly what the country needs. His decisions will be based totally on them. Don’t listen to the biased media. Believe me, he is the best thing that ever happened. I wish someone like him were running my country. His choices of billionaires for his cabinet are exactly what you need to make great trade deals, and make America prosperous again. The deficit will shrink. Give him a year in office and you will roll your eyes in amazement.


    1. Hi, Jim. How is Canada? We’re here in our version of the deep freeze. Thank you for your comment. I love it when people read my blog and leave comments.
      I’m still not certain that Donald Trump, with his temper and full-of-himself attitude, is what this country needs. Whatever Donald Trump wants to do is what he will do regardless of consequences. That’s the feeling I get and that scares me. There is talk of the electoral college changing their vote and not electing him, because of the Russian hacking, and let us not forget that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 2 million votes. If that happens, though I doubt it will, the job would probably fall to VP-Elect Pence. He at least has political experience and might have better diplomatic skills.
      Take care, I’ll be in touch soon. -Joe-


    1. Hi, Autumn. Thanks for reading the blog and for the offer. I am really busy right now, and a bit under the weather this week. I will look you up and make a decision about this in the next few weeks. Thanks, -Joseph-


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