I should mind my own darn business

Greetings, readers. As the caring person that I am, one fault comes with that, and that is I always want to know how people are doing. I’ll ask people how they are, what’s new, and in general, strike up a conversation about anything. Most people don’t mind and converse back with me. Some give me the look like I’m the talkative mentally slow guy. That hurts a little, but I know where I’m coming from, so it really doesn’t bother me that much.

I think my friendliness stemmed from two places: my parents’ upbringing and Bear Spring Camps. My folks were very caring people, always loved a good conversation, and would go out of their way to help somebody. At Bear Spring Camps, friendliness is the key word of the day. I remember many instances in the main dining room where friends and I would talk about the morning fishing trip or how the afternoon happy hour went.

When I was a youngster in school – and this might stem from being an only child – I would say hi and be friendly to anyone who would accept me. This had its advantages and its disadvantages. The advantages were that I did make some good friends. But, as we all know, kids can be cruel. Those that didn’t like my chatter, let me know it in a rather not nice way.

My best friend Dave always kept me entertained by playing ball or listening to records, so after school I always had someone to talk to. When he wasn’t around, I would put on the headsets and start to sing. That is why there was cracked paint in my room. Ha ha. For as long as I can remember, I just haven’t been able to close my mouth for too long.

I’m trying to mind my business more as I get older and I think that is a good thing. My friends know that if they need me they can count on me. But I really don’t need to know who an ambulance is for or where the fire trucks are going.

Wouldn’t you know, lo and behold, we mis-counted how many blog entries we have, even though the blog dashboard tells us after each one. So tomorrow will not be #500. That will be next week instead. Sorry to get your hopes up, but it is coming.

Until next time, signing off from #498, take care, have a nice day, and happy reading.


4 thoughts on “I should mind my own darn business

  1. I met your mother many years ago when I was a student at Penn State in the early 70’s but never had the pleasure of taking a class from or meeting your father. It pleased me that I found your blog a few years back because I always felt I knew you even though we had never met. Your mom had an office that was next to a parking garage with a see through elevator. Being somewhat claustrophobic I was once relating to her how uncomfortable elevators made me feel and how the see through one seemed somehow worse, because everyone could see in it.. She was such a kind person and she smiled and said in that deep distinctive voice of hers, ” my little boy used to play in that elevator.” We laughed about that but the remark stayed with me and every time I was faced with getting on an elevator I would envision a little boy playing on it riding up and down and the trip went much faster for me. Hope you don’t mind me sharing that with you. I really enjoy your blog posts and look forward to them.


    1. Hello Maria, Thank you for your reply & your kind words about mom. Yes, she always said that I was a “button pusher.” I loved elevators. I’m so glad that you are a regular blog reader. Do you have a favorite entry to date??? Please do keep reading and chime in whenever you like. šŸ˜€



      1. Hello again. Gmail likes to sort my email for me and I am not quite used to that. I found your April 10th response today. Luckily I have not missed your other blogs posted since, just this one.
        I guess I can’t say I have one particular favorite blog entry although I do enjoy the blogs that involve your family; your Mom particularly and most of all the entries about your vacations in Maine. Given your Mom’s profession and the cliche about all therapists going away in August and the angst that “clients” feel when the therapist goes away it is so enjoyable to read about your vacation adventures . I do know that time was so happy for her and those family trips are remembered so well in your words. I wish you great success with your writings and I enjoy reading your blogs as your words seem to flow effortlessly even though I know how hard it is to write. Your mother would be so extraordinarily proud of your efforts. I can just see her in my mind’s eye beaming with pride. Just keep writing. I really look forward to your thoughts.


        1. Hello again, Maria. Yes, sometimes getting started on my writings is tough, for both the blog and my books. But stories about camp really seemed to flow, and I am so glad I was able to get them into the two books I published through CreateSpace.com. They were love letters to my favorite childhood place. With family and friends there, and plenty of memories, it made it very easy to write those stories and make them interesting.
          Please do continue to read the blog and chime into the comment section whenever you like. I enjoy hearing from you.
          Have a great day, -Joe-


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