No blog entry today…, April Fools!!! :-D

Greetings, readers. I just couldn’t resist that title. I used to love April Fools day until a school chum played a prank in one of our classes. He put glue on a few chairs. I wasn’t one of the poor unfortunate people whose pants were ruined, but I still thought it was a terrible joke to play.

Being picked on in school a bit, I was never one to pull pranks on others. I treated kids like I wanted to be treated. Did it work? For the most part it did. My mom got me one time. She came into my bedroom, just before the alarm went off, and told me that there wasn’t any school that day. She let me jump for joy for a good 30 seconds before giving me the smile and yelling, “Gotcha! April Fools.” Needless to say, I wasn’t amused.

Well, Rebecca is still under the weather, but she’ll be back on Wednesday. I’m not sure what our topic will be, but I’m certain we’ll come up with something interesting. Until then, have a great weekend, take care & as always, happy reading.



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