Daily Archives: March 17, 2016

I’m frustrated and blowing off steam

Greetings, readers. The last 48 hours have not been what I would call “peaches and cream” for me. I do tend to worry and fret about a lot of things, but over the last couple of days money worries have really stressed me out. Rebecca and I had our usual Wednesday meeting with my accountant and, though I am not calling it a failure, it did not ease my stress level. He says I spend too much money and he is correct.

Luckily today is my therapy day and I’ll have tons to talk about. I always think that I can make myself feel better, though I am finding it harder and harder to get by without help. Yesterday afternoon and this morning I was blowing off steam. Sometimes just talking my problems out makes me feel better. Sometimes not. This is one of those times that didn’t. Although, a plan of action came of it.

The time has come for me to put the writing career on the back burner and look for a local part-time job. I think it would benefit me in two ways by doing this. First, I would feel good about myself because I would be a productive member of society. And second, the extra income certainly wouldn’t hurt. I picked up the information for the on-line job application from a local shop, and Rebecca and I will be doing that right after today’s entry. I have already spoken to a couple of people about getting a part-time job at Panera at the end of summer or in the fall.

Whether I will be strong enough or coordinated enough to do said jobs is still to be seen. But it is the attempt that is important. I am no longer going to sit on my bottom and wait for things to come to me. I am going to go get them … whatever they are.

Yesterday I was talking with my girlfriend and we were both listening to each other as we vented our separate problems. At one point I said something incredibly stupid. I told Traci that perhaps I would rent a Zipcar and drive off a mountain. Would I really do that? No! I am more of a fighter than that. That is the frustration talking. After today’s therapy session, I know I will feel better and will have more tools in place to deal with life’s daily setbacks.

After this blog post, we have only 8 to go until #500. If any of you have a topic that you would like to suggest to me to write about for #500, write it to me in the comments section or on my Facebook page and I will definitely consider it.

I will not have a blog entry up tomorrow. Until next week, have a very nice weekend, take care, and happy reading. And by the way, happy St. Patrick’s day.