Getting older is not fun

Greetings, readers. I turned 50 years old this past July. Is 50 old? Not compared to someone who is 90, but I’m definitely not the physically active teenager I used to be either. I am noticing that it takes my body longer to heal and that I have a few more aches and pains when the weather turns bad. A couple of weeks ago I noticed my pinky on my right hand is starting to have a knuckle that looks like it is arthritic. That is a ouchie.

I can go two ways with this. First, I could throw in the towel, pretend my apartment complex is an old folks home, and sit and do crossword puzzles all day. My other option, and the one I am going to do when the weather gets warmer, is go for more walks to remain active, and engage myself in fun things in hopes that I can feel young. I’ve told people many times that I am never going to get old, I’m just going to get older.

One thing I’m noticing over the last ten years or so is my increase in medication. Between the ages of 16 and 40, I only had to have my seizure medication. In the last few years, a thyroid medication has been added, as well as a cholesterol drug, and generic Prilosec for my indigestion problems. I can just imagine how many pills I will be taking at 60.

I am also noticing that I don’t heal as quickly. When I was young, falling was no big deal. If I got a bruise or cut, it healed in no time. Now, if I am injured or hurt it could take days or weeks to heal.

Yes, getting older is not fun. But as many people have said over the years, you are as young as you feel. Some days I feel 100, other days I feel like I am 13 and can take on the world. Have I had my mid-life crisis yet? That is the question many men ask when they are 50. I don’t think I have and I don’t think I will. I just cannot see myself dying my hair jet-black, buying a Corvette, and look to marry a 25-year-old. Aint going to happen, folks. I’m me, and I like me. Older or not.

On a small side note, it is a beautiful sunny day today but freezing cold. I think I will take advantage of the sunshine and go for a short walk after work hours.

On Sunday it is going to be in the 50s, though raining. As I’ve told many people, I’ll take any warm day I can get my hands on. I don’t like the cold.

Until Wednesday, I hope everyone has a great weekend, do take care, and happy reading.


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