Daily Archives: December 16, 2015

No, I am not prepared for life

Greetings, readers. After spending three days working with healthcare.gov, two with Rebecca and one on my own, I have come to the horrible conclusion that I am ill-equipped to handle real life challenges. I’m just fine listening to music, perusing Facebook, and playing video games. When it comes to real life situations that require me to use my brain, I am a cross between Herman Munster and the Swamp Thing. Today when my accountant was looking over the health plan I chose and saw a couple of problems, I actually caught myself feeling the same way when Herman “goofs it again.”

This all stems from – and Mom, I love you to death – me not being prepared for real life. As far back as I can remember, everything was done for me. My parents were fairly well to do and I was physically challenged, so I really wasn’t encouraged to get a job early in life. I know I’ve blogged about certain topics like this before, but this recent phone call and possible health care blunder, has brought these feelings back to the surface. Luckily, it doesn’t last very long. Much to talk about with my therapist on Monday.

Let me explain what happened with the healthcare phone call. First of all, the 40 minute hold time did not put me in a good mood. Second, once we got going, of course, there were many questions to verify that I am who I said I was. After that was taken care of, we got down to business. I explained that I didn’t want my current plan to roll over and wanted to choose another one. Looking at my new plan in more depth today, however, I realize I probably made a mistake. Yes the premiums are a bit cheaper, but my out-of-pocket money for drugs per month will be more. Ouch!

Since the new policy doesn’t begin until January 1st, I might still have time to change it. But I’ll have to talk to them tonight. I’m going to take a piece of paper and jot down specific questions to be answered.

My problem is that I’m not thorough. I don’t think things through. My health care policy is a perfect example. I saw a $30 a month in savings in the premiums, with the next choice higher, and said I’ll take that one, without asking exactly what the plan does and does not cover. Before we began this blog today, I must admit I was angry with myself and Rebecca knew it. She’s a good friend not to give me any I told you so’s or you should have done this or that. The reason I was angry was because my mother would never have allowed this to happen. She was the queen of organization and not leaving any stone unturned. Every question would have been answered to her satisfaction or she would not have taken the policy. Oh, mother, how I wish you were with me now.┬áSince that’s not possible, the only thing for me to do is to accept the encouragement of my friends and say I will do better next time, learning from my mistakes.

Until Friday, take care, throw good thoughts my way to be strong, and happy reading.