Follow up on last week’s entry about waiting at my therapist’s office

Greetings, readers. I had an unusual waiting period this past Monday at my therapist’s office. Readers from last week will recall my post on the other therapist reprimanding me. I was hyper-conscience not to look at or say anything to anybody. I pretended to be napping or I looked down at the floor. In other words, I cowered in the corner like a scared little puppy.

When the other therapist walked in, I said nothing to her and she told her client, who must have been walking in with her, to immediately go back and wait in her office. Perish the thought that I might say good morning to either of them. A horrible faux pas. When the coast was clear, I took a sip of my hot chocolate and went back to my nap, until I heard my doctor walk towards me. I was quite relieved when we were in her room behind closed doors.

I told her how I had been feeling, sitting there in the waiting room, and I asked her if she had said anything to the other woman last week. I was a wee bit surprised when she said no. I guess hers is a hand’s off approach, and I’m to deal with this issue by following orders. It goes against every fiber of my personality but from now on I’m not going to say a word to anybody in that office except my therapist. They want privacy and silence, they will get it.

As far as my therapist and I go, we have a great working relationship. Once we are in her office, everything is right with the world. I do not wish to leave and go elsewhere for therapy. I do wish that last week my therapist had informed the other woman that she needs to treat me with more respect. Apparently that is not what happened there. The two therapists don’t interact much with each other, and that’s okay.

The next week and a half will be a slightly bizarre one. Here is a rundown on what you can expect. There will be a new blog entry tomorrow, as I am taking the day off on Friday. Rebecca needs a personal day Wednesday of next week, so I will try to put up a blog entry next Wednesday or Thursday morning. I will also have to take care of the weekly accountant’s meeting on my own. I’ve done it before, no problems there.

Until tomorrow, take care, have a great day and happy reading.


One thought on “Follow up on last week’s entry about waiting at my therapist’s office

  1. Joe- I read about your experience last week at the therapist’s office. And today I read your follow up on last week’s entry. I am wondering why you did not let your therapist know that you were disappointed that she did not confront the other therapist. I do think you are owed an explanation for that woman’s rude behavior and an explanation of what you supposedly did that was in violation of any privacy issues. You deserve to know. And I believe you also deserve an apology. You are paying for this therapy? How you were treated is definitely not appropriate – whether you were paying or not. I really think you should insist on answers from your therapist. Sincerely, Chris

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