Monday’s therapist session got off to a bad start

Greetings, readers. Walking down to my therapy session on Monday morning, I was in a perfectly wonderful mood. The sun was shining, it was slightly warm, and I was thinking about my girlfriend. When I arrived at the office, I made myself a cup of Keurig cocoa, and took my seat. Just mere minutes later, I was like a deer in the headlights.

The other therapist who works in the office walked in and all I said was, “Good morning, how are you?” That prompted her to get in my face and tell me that I have to work on my privacy issues. If I hadn’t been so taken aback and upset, I would have laughed at her. It was a completely inappropriate response.

Looking back over the last several weeks, I have determined that this was an issue of hers which she dealt with by hurrying her clients into her office and away from me, Mr. Talker. Now it all makes sense. I have been friendly to her and her clients, but I haven’t over done it or gotten personal. But I didn’t know I had privacy issues.

I do tend to say hello and good morning to people, but that stems from two things. First, I am a writer and observer. Second, the Bear Spring Camps way of life, where everyone is always kind to everyone else, shines within me. It is part of me and it’s what I love most about Bear Spring. People are friendly and exchange greetings, such as, “Good morning, how are you,” and “Any luck fishing today?” Maybe it’s because we are all on vacation and relaxed. I just know I like that world.

What to do about this issue of mine? I’ve decided that in my next therapy session, while in the waiting room, I’m going to look down at the floor and not say a word to anyone. When it is my therapy time, and I walk into the room, I’ll let my therapist know that I am still working through it. I hate being upset, it literally makes me sick to my stomach sometimes. I get nervous and get the shakes. I can only imagine what it does to my blood pressure.

The thought crossed my mind to search for another therapist here in town, but I’m going to give the firm another chance. It would be wonderful if next Monday I got an apology, but I’m not holding my breath. If things continue to get worse, as much as it pains me to say this, I might have to leave my therapist and go elsewhere for counseling, for I will not be treated like someone who is doing something wrong, and bothering people, when I am just saying hello. I deserve more respect than that.

Until Friday, enjoy the nice weather if you have it, take care, and happy reading.


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