Top ten things I like about myself

Greetings, readers. I’ve been thinking a lot about myself recently. With the help of my therapist, Dr. Jo Ann, I’ve been working on my self-esteem. I am supposed to concentrate on the positive and weed out the negative. Obviously, no one is perfect, we all have our faults, but here is a top ten list of things I like about myself, in no particular order.

#10. My sense of humor. [I think I got that from my mother, and it was developed with my best friend David Trost. In the old days, Dave and I would tell stories and laugh for hours.]

#9. My outlook on life. [Even after getting divorced and everything that entailed, I still try to look at life with optimism. It does me no good to be negative and sad.]

#8. My love of animals. [Right now I have Keekee my kitty who loves me, and I, of course, love her. She’s my little girl. When I was younger, the family and I had dogs, which were adorable. Somehow, animals always get excited and happy when they are around me.]

#7. My general appearance. [Although I have cerebral palsy and am not Mr. Muscles, I do the best I can every day with my appearance. I can do laundry with the occasional mishap, such as bleaching a sweatshirt. I no longer wish to have a beard but it seems that every time I shave, my skin breaks out and I have to let the beard grow back. It’s much to gray.]

#6. Keeping my apartment clean. [Keeping my apartment cleaner than it has been is a big step in the right direction for me. It boosts my self-esteem to have a cleaner place.]

#5. My athleticism early in life. [When I was a child and teenager, Dave and I would spend hours almost every day playing Wiffle ball, Nerf football games, or Frisbee. I did keep active. Now, with bad knees, sometimes my morning walk to Panera is all I can muster, and the games I play are on the PS3.]

#4. My ability and love of driving a car. [My mom taught me how to drive and would not let me drive solo until she was certain that I would buckle up every time, always use my turn signals, and obey the speed limit. I love to drive but right not I am car-less.]

#3. My love of music and singing. [I’ve always loved music as far back as I can remember. And my singing talent has improved greatly with practice. I perform shows every few months for the folks in my apartment building, and as the old adage says, practice makes perfect.]

#2. My ability to write. [Under my belt are three self-published books and a play. Although I am not earning enough money from them to pay the rent, it is one of my passions. I like to be creative. I admit, writer’s block does affect me more than it should, but I think for a light reader, I’m doing pretty well. The Bear Spring Camps 3 book is under way. I hope to have it produced by next summer.]

#1. My family and friends. [I have been blessed with fantastic parents, a Godmother and her family, very supportive local friends, of whom Rebecca and Darren are two, and the family that David married into all those years ago, who adopted me as one of their own. When little children run into the Bear Spring Camps dining room and give me a bear hug all is right in the world. Thumbs up for family.]

That was a fun exercise for me, and perhaps later down the line I’ll have a top ten list of things I want to improve about myself. Yes that will be negative, but it might force me to take action and correct those things. Please feel free to leave your list in the comments or comment about my list.

As always, have a wonderful day, take care and happy reading.

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