From Rebecca: Pets and animals

First an update on Joe and Keekee. Joe is at camp and enjoying it a lot. He told me it rained yesterday, so no fishing during the storm, or after while the water was churned up. He took a pontoon boat out on the lake today. He sounds like he is having a blast. Keekee is doing well too. She seemed a little less clingy to me today than I expected. Usually when Joe is at camp, this week she is on my arm like glue. She did rub up on my sleeve so that I would pet her (which I did) and leave some cat hair there, but she also had periods of time where she curled up to sleep too.

Keekee is the closest thing to having a pet for me right now. I see her every week when I work with Joe. She is a sweet cat, when she isn’t crying for Joe to feed her while he is dictating his blog. During the year, I interact with her, but it is usually in small doses, when she comes over for a head rub. She sometimes runs around the apartment, going from the kitchen to the livingroom window, to the bathroom. Zoom, zoom. We never know what sets her off, she just does it. Then she’ll stop for a bit, before doing it again.

Both my husband, Darren, and I had pets in the past – well, our parents had pets. Mostly outdoor cats, though my family had a few dogs over the years too. Neither of us has had pets ourselves, and we probably won’t. We like animals, but for some reason we agree that we don’t want any pets, even if we didn’t live in an apartment building. They are a lot of work and responsibility.

I do love pictures of animals. I will see a photo on the internet of animals doing something cute, or sweet, or unusual, and I will take a picture of it with my phone to show Darren. On Twitter, there is a page called Strange Animals, which, as you can tell from the name, has odd-looking animals from around the world; I share a lot of those with Darren.

Well, I gotta go. I’ll post again on Friday. As Joe would say, take care and happy reading.


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