From Rebecca: Struggling for a topic

First, the update on Joe and Keekee. Joe is in Maine, he crossed the border into the state about 10:00 this morning. He went up to Portland and called from there to say he was having a really good time. Keekee is her normal self for the week Joe leaves; she mainly slept and ignored me yesterday. She may need more attention today when I go over there, since she was alone for the night, or she might just need me for soft food. (She has an abundant supply of dry available to her 24/7, but she prefers the canned soft food.)

I’m beginning to wonder how Joe does this blog twice a week, every week. I’m sitting here trying to think of a good topic and the only thing I can come up with is: I should be more fit and doing stretching exercises, but I probably won’t because I’ve been thinking that for a few years now and I haven’t done it yet. I don’t like to change my routine. I started to write that but after one paragraph it wasn’t going anywhere and I deleted it. I definitely seem to blog better when I’ve written something out ahead of time. Joe though, will lean back in his chair, think a moment, and then start dictating on a topic that just came to him that day. Sometimes he knows ahead of time what he wants to write about, but a lot of times he will pull it out on the spot. I will type it, we will edit it, and another entry will be done. He often struggles for a topic, but he always finds one.

So, for the entry next Wednesday, I will prepare a bit more and have a better topic than, wow this is hard. I will also have an update on Joe and Keekee, for those of you who are interested. Until then, as Joe would say, have a good weekend and happy reading.


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