Bye-bye to U.S. Airways

Greetings, readers. It has been in the works now for a long time that U.S. Airways has merged with American Airlines. Earlier in our work day I was trying desperately to find the date when the U.S. Airways entity would cease to exist. So far, no luck. I believe it is March 1st of this year.

I’m very sad about losing U.S. Airways. Although I don’t fly much anymore, when Dave and his family lived on Long Island, I would fly there to visit them and always use U.S. Airways.

I’m always a big fan of paint schemes and logos. In the world of airplanes that is called a livery. I’ve always liked the tail logo of U.S. Airways with a depiction of the American flag.

In the history of U.S. Airways, I can remember when it was simply called U.S. Air. Before that, when my Dad had to fly out to a meeting somewhere, he would take the Allegheny commuter.

If you all can remember my top ten list of airlines no longer with us, we can add U.S. Airways to that list very soon.

Here’s a list of airlines I have flown on. When I was a young boy, Mom, Dad and I flew to Germany on the German airline Lufthansa. I’ve also flown on the Dutch airline KLM. Very classy. When I went to see my aunt in California, I believe my cousin Ed and I flew Delta; I’m not quite certain of that fact but it will suffice of the moment.

Why am I so upset about losing U.S. Airways? Point #1: It’s been around for most of my lifetime. #2: I almost always used it. #3 and most important: With the loss of airlines due to mergers, eventually I fear that we will be left with a precious handful, and prices will continue to skyrocket. I don’t think the airline industry is in danger of going out of business, but I always thought that more competition is better than less.

So I bid an old friend, U.S. Airways, a fond farewell.

Until next week, pray for warmer weather, take care and happy reading.

P.S. Feel free to chime in with a list of airlines you’ve used.

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