I’m trying a new writing method

Greetings, readers. For most of my writing career, I must admit I type by the seat of my pants. I’ll turn on my computer or open up the tablet of paper and write down the first thing that comes to mind. Obviously I make it a good starting point. After I have those paragraphs written, I say to myself, “Okay, what next?” You’ve now just read my equation for all of my miserable fails. Without purpose and direction, my projects never seem to get completed.

Here’s my solution, thanks to Rebecca. She told me that I should write a detailed outline for my web-series script project. Detail it point by point, so not only can I see where I am but also where I am going, and I can check off each part after it is completed. Not a bad idea. After the blog today, with what time we have left, we are going to brainstorm ideas for the project.

I know I always have problems when I write, so I’ll call this an issue. The issue I’m having is that everything has been done in the world of Star Trek. Planets have exploded, ships have disappeared, and colonist have wound up dead upon Captain Kirk’s arrival. We must come up with an idea that is fresh, or at the very least an old idea with a new twist.

I’m doing this project so that I can finish it and then see if one of two Star Trek based web-series’ will take it. I know all the old school characters by heart, and although I won’t call the project easy, it sure will be lots of fun.

I don’t really have a time frame for this, because I have a couple of other things on my plate as well, such as next month’s performance. I have a feeling that when I really dive into this project, everything else is going to go to hell and I will immerse myself in the world of Star Trek.

If this project works, I might contact somebody to do a Next Generation or even Voyager script, if there is a fan-based production of either one of those.

Until next Wednesday, stay warm, take care, live long and prosper, and happy reading.

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