Top ten list of my favorite commercials

Greetings, readers. I find that almost all of my favorite commercials are from the 1970s, when I was a kid watching television. I have seen a number of these more recently on YouTube. I thought I would share them with you today. These are in no particular order.

#10. From the 70s, McDonald’s commercial with Ronald McDonald, the Cheeseburglar, the Grimace, Captain Crook, and a number of children, taking pictures saying cheeseburger instead of cheese.

#9. The ad for the 1975 Mercury Cougar XR7 starring Farrah Fawcett and a live cougar.

#8. The classic Lite Bright toy from Hasbro.

#7. The classic Betty Crocker Easy Bake Oven.

#6. Kenner SSP Racers.

#5. Another McDonald’s ad with the jingle listing out all the ingredients to a Big Mac.

#4. Mennen Skin Bracer aftershave ad with a slap and the tagline, “Thanks, I needed that.”

#3. Dunkin’ Donuts set of ads from the 80s with a baker saying, “Time to make the donuts.”

#2. The classic game Connect Four from Milton Bradley.

#1. The classic game Battleship from Milton Bradley with the line, “You sank my battleship!”

Okay folks, I just had a blast from the past and I enjoyed it. Thanks to Rebecca for looking up the videos on YouTube to get the names right. These ads were so long ago. In the comments section, please feel free to leave your favorite ads in a message. Let’s get a thread going.

Until next week, take care, stay warm, have a great weekend and happy reading.

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