Are we alone in the universe?

Greetings, readers. I have often asked myself this question. Recently on Netflix streaming I watched a show called Unsealed: Alien Files, which was on the one hand very interesting, but on the other hand it seemed to be made up. Episode topics included the men in black, and alien hot spots such as L.A., Texas, and even Washington D.C. The episode I laughed through was the one talking about Adolf Hitler using U.F.O. technologies. Yeah, right.

If the fuhrer actually processed U.F.O. technology, this would the United States of Deutschland; the man would have won World War II. After I got done laughing, I had to rewind at least three minutes of the show to listen to it again.

Being Roman Catholic, I do believe in things such as the afterlife, spirits, and that God created heaven and earth. I am just stating that as my fact, I’m not trying to ram that down your throat; I would like that understood. Most of me wants to believe that in all vast space with its galaxies upon galaxies, that intelligent life must exist elsewhere. Rather or not I will see it, that is another question. The only things I’ve seen flying around in my lifetime are airplanes and birds.

Back when I was a teenager I was fascinated by the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I went to see that at the theater seven consecutive Friday nights. I think a lot of people wonder if we are alone. And when this series talks about the government conspiracies and the things they are supposedly hiding, it makes me wonder all the more.

On the final episode of the series, it only ran one year, they talked about our government launching people to start a small colony on Mars before the year 2020. I always thought that earth was the only habitable planet in our solar system. But I suppose with the advancements in technology, some sort of atmospheric dome or something of the like could be build. Time will tell.

Do I really want to see a grey or reptilian being? Half of me says sure, come on in, let’s have a cup of coffee. The other half of me would be positively scared to death.

On Friday, I’m going to have a top ten list ready for you. So until then, take care, have a great couple of days, look up to the skies if you believe, and happy reading.


3 thoughts on “Are we alone in the universe?

  1. Hi Joseph,

    As you will see, we share the same family name, although mine is spelled with “KK” instead of “CK”. The story goes that my great-grandfather first made a stop at a local pub before he registered his newborn child at the municipality. As a result of this slip of the pen, there are a only a few Kokkelmanses in a long list of Kockelmanses.

    I was born and raised in the southern part of the Netherlands, where your father too came from. I am doing research on the family tree, and I have yet been able to track back my ancestors to 1585. During this research, I stumbled across your father’s name and consequently across your website. I strongly suspect that we are related family members, but right now I cannot put things together.

    I would be very pleased if you would contact me and give me some more genealogic information about yourself, your siblings, your parents and grand parents. Anything will be helpful, like full names, date and place of birth, decease, or residency. In return, I will gladly share my findings about the family tree with you, if you wish.

    Anyway, success with writing and selling your work.

    Kind regards, Huub Kokkelmans.


    1. Hi, Huub. Thank you for your interest and kind words about my work. I have not heard about your branch of the family. Always good to have more cousins. I need some time before I get back to you about any information about the family, which I would do by email. I am writing to a cousin to get more information about your request. Please continue to enjoy the blog and check out the gallery, about page, and books section.

      Take care,


    2. Hi, Huub,
      Joe here with a little bit of information for you. I spoke to cousin Wino Penris and he confirmed you are my relative. Family member Hans Kockelmans does work with family trees and I think he would be interested in communicating with you. I will try to get Hans’ email address to pass along to you. I plan to send you an email with more family information in the next week or two. In the meantime, you might enjoy going through the blog entries, especially one I did about my father, Professor Joseph J. Kockelmans. In the search box on my blog type in “father” and it will be in the search results.
      Take care,


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