Crawling back from being under the weather

Greetings, readers. Yes, my sinus infection is slowly going away. I’ve been on extra orange juice, water and sleep. By Wednesday Rebecca and I should be back to our regular schedule for working. Trust me, it will feel good. I’m already falling behind.

Right now I’m watching Penn State demolish U-Mass 41-0 in the third quarter. We’ve finally got our running game going. We’ll need it to be competitive in the Big Ten.

I’ve been binge watching a series on Netflix streaming called Weird Or What? Seasons two and three were hosted by William Shatner, one of my favorite actors. Most of the stories are a bit far-fetched like alien abductions and monsters, and at times very difficult to believe. They’re definitely weird… or what.

Well, KeeKee’s been taking good care of my by staying close by. I think she can tell something’s not right with me. Until Wednesday everyone, take care, have a great weekend and happy reading.


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