My life today

Greetings, readings. What a beautifully cool day it is in State College, Pennsylvania. When I say cool, I mean mid-70s with low humidity. I’ll take that any day I can get it. After the torrential rains we’ve had the last few days, to have a day like this is very welcomed.

Rebecca and I are having our usual Wednesday, which includes our meeting with the accountant, as well as doing the Wednesday blog entry. As I am dictating this, I’m trying to fight with my back, which is acting up. I’ve canceled my afternoon plans and will just take it easy when the work day is done.

My regular readers might know that we are approaching blog entry #300. In case that time comes when I’m gone at camp, Rebecca and I will work on that entry, and save it to draft, so that it can be posted even if I am not here. Don’t worry, it will be something better than a plain old top ten list. Haha. Just what the topic will be, however, is as yet undecided.

The arts festivals which finished this last Sunday were big successes, and it seems so strange to have the town quiet again. The set-up/take down crew worked through the night and dodged rain drops to get Allen Street open for traffic again. I only walked through that section of the festival a couple of times this year, but just to see all the children playing and having fun while their parents bought arts and crafts, was a pleasure. We won’t see this kind of hustle and bustle again until late August, when students move back in to the dorms and the first Penn State home football weekend takes place; and yes, I did say football weekend. We like to make it a party instead of just a game.

Until Friday, take care, have a great day, enjoy the weather if you have good weather, and happy reading.

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