Daily Archives: June 25, 2014

My therapy is going well

Greetings, readers. After many years of trying to deal with my life’s issues, which include depression, I finally gave in a few weeks ago and found a rather good psychologist. I’ve only met with her three times but already I know that it’s going to be a huge success. Just having someone to talk to is a tremendous help. And being a trained professional, she knows the right things to suggest and say.

I must admit, the first week I went there I was nervous. I wasn’t sure it I wanted to go, so I called my friend Dave and posed this question to him: “With my mom being a psychologist, Dave, do you think she would have been proud of me or not?” He told me that in his opinion he was certain that if I was getting the help that I needed that she would be all for that. I tend to agree with his assessment. Although Mom always was a very proud person, she always did look out for her only son and what was best for him.

So, to therapy I go once a week. I already am feeling very much improved as far as my depression goes. I seem happier, I’m telling more jokes, and believe me it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this happy. Was I depressed to the point where I was wearing black clothing and black nail polish? No. But depressed I was. I know that in my life I have done some things that might not have been the best choices for me, especially in money management, but what I have to do from this day on is concentrate on making different choices.

I am extremely pumped that summertime is here. Yes, the humidity can be a bit oppressive from time to time. But I like warm temperatures, as you know, and green leaves on the tress. This past winter there were days where I stayed inside about 98% of the day. Now, I’ll walk from a bus stop and take a listen to the birds. It’s is so enjoyable to do so without having to bundle up like a polar bear and still freeze. But, like I said in my last post, here we are already in late June. Someone once told me the theory for the reason why time seems to be going more quickly, and that is: If you have already lived more than half your life there is less ahead of you, and somehow that alters how you perceive time. I don’t know if I buy in to that, because the last time I checked there were still 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year. But something sure happened, because I remember being 20 years old, blinking, and here in two weeks I’ll be 49. Arg.

Please readers send good wishes for me with my therapy. I have a good doctor and I like her. Until next time, take care, stay well, and happy reading.