Top ten list of great M*A*S*H episodes

Greetings, readers. Here is a list of really great M*A*S*H episodes. We’ll have ten of them plus one honorable mention to complete the list. Enjoy.

#10. Dear Dad # 1, season one. [The first letter home to Hawkeye’s dad. There were several of these letter home episodes over the years by various characters.]

#9. Out of Gas, season seven. [Father Mulcahy must deal with black marketeers to obtain sodium pentothal, a much needed anesthesia.]

#8. Period of Adjustment, season eight. [Klinger must deal with everybody comparing him to Radar, and B.J. must deal with his little girl calling Radar daddy when he is met at the airport by B.J.’s wife and daughter. This episode has very touching scenes and is quite well acted.]

#7. Hawk’s Nightmare, season five. [Hawkeye all of a sudden, over several nights, wakes up screaming, claiming to see his childhood friends having dreadful accidents. Dr. Sydney Freedman saves the day.]

#6. Fallen Idol, season six. [One of my personal favorites. When Hawkeye insists that Radar goes into Seoul for R&R, Radar comes back injured. When Hawkeye must operate, though he is intoxicated due to guilt, and must leave the O.R. to be sick, Radar loses respect temporarily for Hawkeye.]

#5. 5 o’Clock Charlie, season two. [Hawkeye, Trapper, and crew place bets and make a day of it when a nearsighted Korean in an airplane tries to bomb the camp ammo dump everyday at the same time.]

#4. Letters, season nine. [School children from Hawkeye’s town write letters to the folks at M*A*S*H 4077. Everyone gets a handful to answer. A very touching scene near the end is when Charles receives a leaf from a tree that reminds him of home; Charles takes special care to answer that young one’s letter on paper, not by tape recorder.]

#3. Comrades in Arms, season six. [Probably one of the most well-done episodes. It is a two-parter, where Hawkeye and Margaret are sent to another M*A*S*H unit to demonstrate a technique. When they arrive, the camp has bugged out. As they hide in a nearby village hut, a romance kindled by fear develops.]

#2. The Interview, season four finale. [Clete Roberts, a real life war correspondent, does serious interviews to show the folks back home just how bad war can be. This episode did not have a laugh track.]

#1. Abyssinia, Henry, season three finale. [My personal favorite episode, though I cry every time I watch it. When Colonel Blake gets his discharge orders, everybody is thrilled. Hours after he leaves, though, joy turns to sadness when it is learned that his plane spun into the sea of Japan. No survivors.]

Honorable Mention: Who Knew?, season eleven. [After Hawkeye has a date with a shy new nurse, she is killed in an accident. When he offers to do the eulogy, because no one else really knew her, he is faced with how fleeting life can be. He tells the people in his life how much they mean to him.]

Hope you have enjoyed this top ten list dealing with this classic TV show.

As usual, have a great weekend, take care, and happy reading.


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