MLB14 The Show … finally

Greetings, readers. Today’s going to be an initial review on this game. It came out a week ago yesterday and I spent the majority of that week trying to download it from the PlayStation store. I had no success whatsoever. When I finally tried to call the help number, it became clear that I was not the only one having a problem. My guess is that the master file was somehow flawed and that nobody could download it. Finally I had to order a copy from Best Buy.

Here are some initial thoughts. The PlayStation 4 version due out next month has much more to offer in the way of graphics. The PS3 version is pretty much the same game, only peaked and tweaked to complete the atmosphere of the game. I think the PS3 version is already maxed out on game play enhancements.

I was most impressed with all the new true-to-life stadium Jumbotrons. They were improved in last year’s version as well; this year even more so. Also, many more batting stances, and pitching motions were added. San Diego Studio, the maker of the game, strive to have the most complete and correct baseball game experience possible. And Andrew McCutchen is going to look like Andrew McCutchen.

The three broadcasters have even added more lines of text to make that broadcast of a ballgame feel even more true. Very well done, guys. Is there still repetition? Of course, it is a video game. The one thing that I still think needs work, and has been changed in the PS4 version, are the stadium crowds. PS3 offers slightly less than 400 animated people to be placed around a stadium that holds between 35,000 to 50,000 fans. The PS4 version will offer over 1,000 animations. It will even include children to the crowd mix. Stadium crowds will finally look more realistic.

The road to the show feature is my favorite this year, where a created player can be taken through a three-game Topps Amateur Showcase to show the scouts what he has to offer. Your performance actually determines which round your player is drafted in. Love it, love it, love it. I create first basemen and pitchers because they are the only positions I know how to play.

My biggest like is that you can control one player on a team in any mode and only play his plays with a camera view from that player’s eyes. My biggest dislike is the juke box music selections. Usually I will know at least one or two of the songs they have chosen; this year I don’t know any. And I am sorry, but all rap songs were turned off.

I’ll have my mini-report and final grade in a couple of weeks. I’m still testing. Until Friday, take care, good health, and happy reading.


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