News about my Godmother Katherine Young

Greetings, readers. Monday afternoon my Godmother, Katherine Young, passed away in her sleep after a long illness. She was in her late 80s. I will miss her very much. She was a wonderful woman, who enjoyed giving and going to parties.

Rebecca, as well as many other of my friends have been wonderful helping me get through this trying time. This is going to be an unusual week for me. With other family members coming in over the next several days, I will have to be available at a moment’s notice to lend support. Rebecca and I will work tomorrow and Friday, but possibly for shorter sessions.

The working plan for this week is as follows: with my kitty cat’s birthday coming up, Rebecca and I intend to write a very short blog entry tomorrow to try out the post-at-a-later-date feature in this blog, which we have never done before. Hopefully it all works out so that we will have something for Friday. On Friday, I have an appointment in the afternoon which was unavoidable and had to be scheduled for work time hours. Rebecca will be here for that shift. Next week Wednesday we will get back to work as usual.

Take care and be well. Please pray for us if you would. And happy reading.

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