Daily Archives: March 7, 2014

Finding time to write in my daily routine

Greetings, readers. I’ve been talking to Rebecca recently about when is the best time to do my writing. I suppose I am the only one who can answer that. I know that her husband, Darren, who is also a writer, has his time early in the morning. With me not being an early bird, that time won’t work for me. Here is how a typical day goes for this writer [Wednesday through Friday].

I will set my alarm to go off no later than 10:15. I know that is going to sound very late for the majority of you, but I will explain that part later. After I get myself dressed and ready to go, I meet my writing assistant Rebecca at Panera cafe at noon. I like to get there about 11:15 so I can have a muffin and coffee first. At noon we will chat for ten or fifteen minutes and plan out the three-hour workday. Then it is back over to my apartment which then doubles as my office.

Between 12:30 and 3:00, we do our writing thing, which can include anything from the blog entries, to editing, to writing exercises to prime the pump.

After 3:00, I will usually turn on the TV and watch some Netflix. At 6:00 I will grab something for supper, usually not very healthy, but something. Oddly enough, this is the time I begin to feel the most awake. I have been a night owl ever since the days of my marriage to Georgia. We were night owls together and our average bedtime was 4a.m.

When I go to Bear Springs Camps though, it is easy for me to get up early, fish, have a nice long day, and get to bed early, like a normal person. Why can’t I do that here at home? I’ve been told by people that I am lazy, undisciplined, and/or I’m just doing what I want to do. If I had a magic wand and could say I will change one thing about me and have it stick, painlessly and effortlessly, it would be this: I would change my daily schedule to enjoy a nice long day, with at least three hours of writing time every day but Sunday. I’m working towards that goal, but progress is painfully slow.

As a side note, the frigid weather is finally breaking. I have looked at the long-range forecast yesterday and found that mid-thirties are going to be the norm as of tomorrow. Thank goodness. We are again enjoying a beautiful day out today, sunny and a tad bit warmer.

Lastly, Rebecca and I spent the first part of our work day getting caught up on my social media connections. When I first started on Twitter, I could not compose a tweet within the 140 character allotment to save my life. Rebecca is pleased, as I am, that I am learning to get my point across more succinctly. That is, at least on Twitter. Here and everywhere else I still tend to ramble. Ha ha.

Well, that is our blog for today. As always, I wish everyone a good weekend, a safe one, do take care and happy reading.