Yet another snow storm on the way

Greetings, readers. Here we flippin’ go again. And that is to put it politely. The winter weather marches on. Just when the central PA area got cleaned out and we have enjoyed a few days of sunshine, my Facebook friends are announcing another storm is on the way. That prompted me to check the weather app I have on my computer, and although no accumulations are given, we are supposed to get snow anywhere from Saturday night right through Monday. Also included in that timeframe are my least two favorite words: freezing rain. Yuck!

Looking outside my window, a beautiful sunny day is staring me in the face, and it could be 75 degrees out there. I checked an hour ago on the computer and, alas, it is only 8 degrees. Looks can be deceiving. A friend of mine on Facebook warned me that our region will probably receive two more storms before the early signs of spring arrive. I can’t wait. Now, I know that I will actually complain about this when it happens, but right now bring on the triple digits. I am so tired of freezing to death.

Briefly onto something else. I worked with Rebecca’s husband Darren yesterday on the Kimberly project and it is going magnificently. Whether the novel actually does come out or not, I give him an A+ for effort. Whoo-hoot for Darren. He is up to 74 handwritten pages. Excellent progress for only a few months’ work. I am envious.

As for next week, Rebecca and I will have our usual three-day work week, including two blog posts.

I saved the worst for last, because I am not going to say much about it. This weekend is the dreaded State Patty’s Day event at Penn State University and as far as I know, there will only be a few choice places that will be serving alcohol. All other businesses, restaurants and bars who are abstaining, thumbs up.

Until next week, have a good weekend, stay out of the snow if you can, drive safe if you are in it, be well and happy reading.

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