Daily Archives: February 13, 2014

I hate the blasted winter

Greetings, readers. Thanks to this lovely nor’easter in the middle of February, the State College, PA area is in the process of having up to 7 inches of snow be dumped on it today. Now I know I’m crying big tears; I shouldn’t, because as Rebecca pointed out to me, the south-east including the D.C. area and Philadelphia have gotten zonked by much more snow. But it is still a lot for us to navigate in. Looking out on the roof of the parking garage from my window, the fresh white snow looks pretty, I must admit. But I know that by later today when all the cars have turned it to black, mushy gunk, it will lose its charm.

I’ve already had one of my two appointments for the week called off. So my long-awaited haircut will have to be another day. That reminds me that as soon as this blog entry is posted, I am going to have to go on-line and re-schedule said appointment. At this particular establishment, all appointments are made via their website.

I’ve probably said this before in other posts, but it bears repeating. One of the side effects that comes from my cerebral palsy is bad balance, so I would have a very good chance to slip and fall. All in all it is a very good day to make coffee in my apartment/office and just stay home. I have my Star Trek: The Next Generation library book, so I think that at 3:00 when the work day is done I shall begin it and take notes.

Next Wednesday, weather permitting of course, I must talk to my accountant about getting two chairs removed from my living room and a new replacement brought in. It’s becoming paramount now because Pop’s old recliner is starting to creak and feel a wee bit unstable. These chairs are just not sturdy enough for sleeping in night after night. I blame myself for its premature death.

In case people are wondering why this post is being written today and not tomorrow, it’s because Rebecca has the day off for Valentine’s Day. Next week, I am going to have a top ten list, which are always fun for me to create. If you are in the bad weather zone, please drive safely. Rebecca and I love are readers to view our work from their home computers, not from a hospital bed. So take care, have a happy Valentine’s Day, think spring, and happy reading.