It’s a hodgepodge day #2

Greetings, readers. Another work week has begun. It will be a slightly shorter one, because I’ve given Rebecca Valentine’s Day off to spend with her husband, Darren. Speaking of Valentine’s Day – not my favorite holiday – I think I will drown my sorrows in a tall, cold glass of beer from the bar across the street. That is what I did last year.

On to a topic related to my new writing project. The extra time which I have spent at my computer, while looking through my bifocals, has caused extremely tense neck muscles. It’s my body’s way of saying, “Hey, we aren’t used to this. Go back to playing your video games.” I have to fight that temptation. I am finally on a roll and I do not want to let my momentum stop. Although I did not type any new pages in the last couple of days, I did figure out where I’m going to be taking the story next. So, tonight or in the morning, I’ll be ready to go once again.

The weather is still brutally cold here in Central PA, and we are bracing for a winter storm now clobbering the south. It could dump as much as four inches of snow along with freezing rain by the end of tomorrow. Not good. We got that much snow this past Sunday and the roads were treacherous in some places. If ice is coming, the road crews will have to do better. I think I will be getting a few items from the corner store this afternoon and pretty much staying inside tomorrow except for an appointment. That will suit me just fine. I’ve two appointments in the next couple of days, and hopefully the weather will not interfere with either of them, especially my haircut appointment. I am beginning to look like one of the Beatles from the late 60s; too much hair and beard.

As I approach my 300th post, Rebecca and I will soon be discussing the possibility next year of a second blog book. I’ve not decided for certain, but if we do put one out, there will be more added material than I put in the first blog book.

That is all my news for today, so as always, have a good day, stay warm and healthy, take care and happy reading.

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