A hectic week is upcoming

Greeting, readers. Hello once again from still cold Pennsylvania. Rebecca and I just finished our weekly meeting with my accountant and are now getting down to work. Seems like the weekend was just a few minutes ago. I’ll be packing for camp before I know it.

I’ve got family coming in on Friday, Cousin Ed and his daughter Maria, from New York state. I can’t wait to see them. With three work days, including a session with Darren tomorrow, culminating with a family dinner Friday evening, plus gaming day on Saturday, it’s going to be a hectic week. I always enjoy the aspects of my life, some days more than others.

Battling bouts of depression, sometimes I feel like my life is worse than it really is. Let’s review. I have a roof over my head, a pet to keep me company, Netflix streaming, three days a week to be creative, and a gaming day for a fun outlet. I think I’m doing okay. I’ve always been the type of person who over-reacts, or quickly looks for the worst in any given situation. I try not to let that happen, but with having a low self-esteem problem since childhood, it is a battle I’ve not yet won.

To conclude, on Friday, another fun top ten list will be put up – topic yet unknown – and next week on Wednesday Rebecca will be putting up the entry on a topic of her choosing.

Well folks, let’s pray for warmer weather, stay safe and be well, and happy reading.


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