Weather, sports and games

Greetings, readers, from wickedly cold State College, Pennsylvania. As a friend of mine from Canada pointed out to me yesterday, minus 2 degrees at 7:30 this morning is nothing; he has minus 30 something. It has been several years since central PA has experienced this type of brutal cold. In one word: Brrr. Luckily, not too much snow fell with this last storm. As I understand it, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York City got hit much harder. We escaped with an inch or two .

It’s a beautiful sunny day out today and it looks like it could be in the upper 70s. Looks can be deceiving. After the work hours are over today at 3pm, I’ve decided I’m going to stay inside and keep warm. I should take a walk and get some sun, but I think comfort will win out.

I was up early this morning over at Panera cafe, doing some reading for a friend of mine which I had put off for way too long. His topic is not quite over my head, but it’s close. It makes the task of editing  doable but tedious. I should be ready to have our meeting by Friday, weather permitting.

Last evening, after I got back from seeing my friend Jim at Denny’s, I played a game of Madden football, and there was a real-life sports news ticker on the bottom of the screen. I saw that the NFL commissioner is thinking about making some rule changes that may include getting rid of the extra point. I say: Why? I have seen games won and lost on a missed extra point. Certainly the PAT is often automatic, but every once in a while … I hope the commissioner leaves well enough alone.

While I am on sports, it’s hard to believe that baseball catchers and pitchers report to Florida and Arizona in about five weeks. Yes, spring training is almost upon us. I’ll certainly be rooting for my Pirates once again.

Lastly, my best friend, Dave Trost, invited me to play a Facebook game called Criminal Case. It’s highly addictive and is actually good for my ailing brain. You have to solve puzzles by clicking on items in a scene from a given list, and at some point those items are used as evidence against the bad guy. It’s amazing, I’m already much quicker at completing each screen. Yay for engaging the brain. I might not be reading a 300 page novel, but anything to get the brain synapses going is a start.

If you have warm weather, enjoy it and be glad. I hope everyone has a good day, take care, and happy reading.


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