Off to a slow start today because of bookkeeping

Greetings, readers. Rebecca and I spent the first half of our workday today trying to get our bookkeeping up to date at a local store, to see how many of my books sold there. Out of the twelve copies left there last April, only eleven were on the shelves. We either have one sold or none. You would think that would be easy to check for, but no. The store bookkeeper wasn’t there at the time, and the report that the store manager pulled up showed a payment to me that we don’t have in our records. So a trip to the bank will have to be made today or Tuesday to check on the possible deposit and to ask a question on another topic.

So here it is 1:30 pm and we are just now getting to work. Before going to Panera for coffee at 11:00 this morning, I tried desperately to get my ailing computer working to check emails. Something is amiss in my machine, for when Rebecca and I got back over here, we had difficulties. That is another reason why we are off to a slow start. Once I finish dictating the rest of this blog entry and we edit it, I’m still hoping to have enough time to do a writing exercise of some kind.

I re-read the blog entry on the helmet logos from the other day and thought to myself, wow if I had a big house and lots of money I would purchase, one or two helmets at a time, as many NFL helmets as I wanted and would then proudly display them. Ha-ha, quit dreaming. First of all, even though I am grateful for it, I live in an apartment slightly bigger than a shoebox. And the three mini-helmets I do have from the USFL haven’t been dusted in quite a while. Long story short, there’s no room.

If one day I would be lucky enough to win the mega-millions lotto, I would find the biggest house that was for sale, buy it, and have money left over to purchase all the little knickknacks that I ever dreamed of having. One room would be just for football mini helmets proudly displayed, the garage would be filled with classic cars, and the attic would be chock-full of Christmas ornaments and an elaborate manger scene. I would go crazy at the holiday season.

That of course is fantasy land. To re-iterate, I am happy for the home I have here at Addison Court apartments, but who doesn’t like to dream once in a while. And if you are going to dream, dream big.

Well, have a good weekend, stay warm, take care and happy reading.


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