Top ten list of things I will do by New Year’s Day

Greetings, readers. In my on-going effort to better myself, I have decided to make a top ten list of things I wish to accomplish, or at least get them underway, by New Year’s Day. Last year around holiday time I was depressed and did not decorate. So …

#10. Decorate the apartment with, at the very least, Christmas lights. [Already underway but not complete.]

#9. Make final preparations for my December 20th performance. [Practice, practice, practice.]

#8. Once the show is over, concentrate on my writing for a good solid five to six months. [Two firm ideas already in place.]

#7. Take back my bedroom. [I promised myself last night that on New Year’s Eve I will have my bedroom such that I can finally begin using it for the purpose for which it was meant.]

#6. Getting back to social functions in my apartment building. [I always enjoyed being outgoing. Time to get back to it.]

#5. Make my entire apartment spotless. [This is a huge one for me and will take the longest to achieve.]

#4. Get back into the habit of visiting my Godmother. [Her health is such that short visits are possible once again.]

#3. Do my very best to get up early and have a nice long day. [No more Mr. Night-owl.]

#2. I am going to donate something in good working order to the building’s community room. [This serves two purposes. Gets whatever it is out of my apartment and makes it so others can enjoy it.]

#1. Make final decision on whether or not to move. [Circumstances recently took place which might make staying where I am more advantageous.]

This rather quick top ten list was thrown together today because I was experiencing a pinched nerve in my neck, making concentration a bit difficult. I know I’ve been under the weather a lot lately but this shall soon pass and we will once again be hard at it.

So until Friday, take care, enjoy your day, and happy reading.

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