From Rebecca: New face around here

I am doing the blog entry today because Joe is working with my husband Darren on some ideas for Joe’s work. It is Darren’s first day. Joe and I are used to each other and work very well together, but we have also gotten in a rut. We need someone to bring in new energy and ideas to shake up our mind-set and habits a little bit. Darren has agreed to a trial period of working with Joe to see how much he can advance his writing career. He will work with Joe one day every week or two. Darren is an idea guy and already has a couple of ideas for us to explore. I’m excited to see where we end up in a few months.

There are a couple of challenges to this arrangement. The biggest one is that Joe doesn’t have a suitable seat for Darren in the apartment/office that we usually work in, so they will have to work in public. Right now we are all three working in the community room of Joe’s apartment building, so there is background noise and people wondering in and out. In the future, they might need to work in a noisy restaurant, hopefully with a good internet connection to help them do research, that may be very distracting.

Another question about them working together is, will their styles clash or mesh? From the conversation they are having right now about ideas for an airplane-crash-with-ghosts story, they seem to work together well. They are really cooking today. If they keep this up, and he can follow up on the inspiration, Joe will have a great piece of writing next year.

Actually, this isn’t the first time that Joe and Darren have worked together, though it is the first time they have worked on Joe’s writing. Joe has been doing Dungeons and Dragons (mostly 4th edition) with Darren and me for over two years now. Darren is the Dungeon Master and Joe and I are the players in the game. For four months this last year I was the DM while Joe and Darren were the players going through the adventure. We will start another adventure with Darren as DM next month. So they know each other and have been partners, but they are having a conversation now that they never had before, about writing styles and genres.

We will keep you updated about how it works. Welcome to the team, Darren!

Joe will do another blog entry either tomorrow or Friday. As he would say, take care and happy reading.

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