From Rebecca: Twitter, so far

I wrote last May that Joe was starting to use Twitter. We thought that it would help him find a bigger audience for his books and this blog, and could be useful for research. Well, not yet. It isn’t that easy to just sign up and find a big audience for yourself, though I know a lot of people put in the time and energy to connect on the social media sites. Joe and I don’t; we just don’t have the set-up to be on for several times a day, every day. So we are a little bit limited in the networking department. As for research, that is slow going too. Joe tried a few times to ask questions and no one replied with a specific answer. He is also a little disappointed that he sent Tweets to a few people and most did not respond at all. I think he likes being connected to the people he has followed, but he has not gotten much back for his effort. I thought that Twitter would help Joe a lot, but so far it has not.

I do not expect the same things from my personal Twitter experience, and I am getting a lot out of this service. I love using Twitter. I follow 56 accounts, with a few being people I know, like Joe, and most being creative people who do works that I enjoy, like Star Trek stars, book writers, and webcomic artists. I feel like I am at a party where I get to walk around and listen to different groups talking. Sometimes I put a reply on someone’s Tweet, which usually does not get a response, but mostly I lurk. I put up my own Tweet when I am on the computer, about four times a week. I have six followers, three of them people I don’t know who I assume follow me so I will follow them. I am not witty or funny in my Tweets, but I try to make them true to who I am and what I am doing.

My most exciting interaction with Twitter was the first week in October, when I wrote the blog post here about Schlow Centre Region Library and then Tweeted a link to it on my account. Schlow library saw that Tweet, and promoted the blog post on their Twitter feed! And Tweeted me a thank you for the blog post. And then the views on Joe’s blog hit 36 on October 3rd, which is a big number for one day. Wow, that felt powerful. A real taste of what I was hoping Twitter could do for Joe, if we could figure out how to do it on purpose.

So we are still beginning to explore Twitter, and I am having a lot of fun with it. Maybe Joe will too at some point. Twitter does not fit his style though. He fits Facebook much better. He likes to socialize with people he knows and likes already, and to write more than can fit into 140 spaces. And when someone comments on something he wrote, he can easily see it; with Twitter he has to look in a certain area and even then it might not be obvious.

Joe should be writing another blog next week. Take care, and happy reading.

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