Such a pretty day…. & more

Greetings, readers. Happy Wednesday to you all. I find myself in a very good mood today because, as I look out my window, I am not seeing any clouds in the sky. Recently it seems to me as though central Pennsylvania has been experiencing more than its share of sunny days. I read once in an online article that the State College/Bellefonte area has the third most cloudy days per year, behind Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon. I say I’ll gladly accept every sunny day I can get.

Being subject to depression, I enjoy walking to the bus stop or to where ever I am going downtown in sunny weather. Also a natural source of vitamin D is said to come from the sun, and with my horrendous diet I need all the help I can get. Now I’ve not studied the factors contributing to the wonderful weather; nor am I going to. I am simply going to enjoy it.

On my computer’s calendar I see that it is October 30th and I should not expect any real warmth from the sun anymore until next April. However, I can look out my window and just imagine how warm it would be if this was a late June or early July day.

On to a couple of other topics, Rebecca and my workday has been thrown into reverse because the Wednesday meeting with my account is not at its usual time of 12:30. Rebecca and I have a pretty standard Wednesday routine of having the meeting and then coming up to work around 1PM. We must now get all work finished by our meeting time of 2:30. No problems.

Lastly, I am training … or should I say retraining, Keekee into accepting a new dinner time. Months ago I made a quite horrible mistake in training her to have her meal time right smack dab in the middle of our work hours. Little did I know that she could tell time and would start meowing like a hyena until fed. All that training did was to get daddy securely wrapped around Keekee’s little paw. LOL. Now it is time to edit this piece, publish, and then get onto other writing exercises for the day.

Until very soon, take care, have a great day, and happy reading.

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