Top ten list of things we take for granted

Greetings, readers. Unlike the list of modern conveniences, this top ten list will be on a more personal note. Although, I’m sure it will apply to many of my readers. So here we go.

#10. Our home. [Whether it be from childhood or at the present moment, be thankful if you have a roof over your head. Home is where the heart is.]

#9. A working vehicle. [I, like many in State College, rely on our bus system. Although it is a good one, I do miss the convenience of my old car.]

#8. Family pets. [Over the years I have lost dogs and a cat and I know I shall be devastated when it is Keekee’s turn to go.]

#7. Good health. [As we tend to get older, health problems usually arise; that is normal for life. Be thankful for your health while you have it.]

#6. A good mind. [I am witnessing first-hand, probably due to lack of stimulation, what I call the oatmeal brain syndrome. Like the old TV commercial said, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Don’t forget to use yours.]

#5. Mother Earth. [There’s one we take for granted. One of these days, hopefully not in our lifetime, I think this poor planet is just going to explode.]

#4. For me, Bear Spring Camps. [A lifetime of happy memories, certainly not to be forgotten.]

#3. Numerous trips around the country, some voyages to other parts of the world. [Yes, I was a lucky lad.]

#2. Friends. [I have had more than my share of good friends over my lifetime. I was reminded of that so sweetly this past Wednesday when a dear friend of mine left a wonderful comment on my entry called Parallels.]

#1. Family. [Love them while you have them, you only have them for so long.]

Ok, there you have them; chime in with yours if you wish to. As always, have a great weekend, take care, and happy reading.

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