A dreary Friday

Greetings, readers. This will be a short one today because our note-taking for a new writing project took longer than I expected; I needed to do more research for it than I thought. Both Rebecca and I think that the idea has much promise. I still have details to iron out and to get that all important first chapter going. Once I get into a work routine, i.e. number of pages per day, I intend to stick to it. For me, it’s just getting started that is the big bugaboo.

Yes, it’s a dreary, rainy Friday. There was heavy rain this morning in State College, which made my leaky ceiling – I am on the top floor of my apartment building – start to drip. It’s looking a bit brighter now and the rain has ended. Hopefully the storm front will be out by tonight. I’m just glad it all wasn’t snow. As we approach mid-October, it’s only a month or so until those rain showers could be snow showers. Oh, how disgusting.

As for next week, I plan on working on my new project parts of Monday and Tuesday, Rebecca and I will put a new blog post up on Wednesday, and then probably back to work on the new project Thursday and Friday. I shall try to get up a second blog post toward the end of Friday afternoon, if I can.

Today I will fighting the bus schedule, because the Penn State football team’s homecoming parade will be taking place just when I need to get on a bus. But that is okay, I’ve got a flight sim I need to do for research and for fun, so I will go to Denny’s early and wait for my friend, who will arrive around 8:00. Plus I have my video of the show I did for my friend Erin, and I can watch that too if I get bored with the flight sim.

One last football note. I didn’t realize that last Saturday PSU lost to Indiana. My friend Dave said that Indiana is an up-and-coming team and that’s good for them. However, if we lost to Indiana, I’m not certain at all we will beat Michigan, our homecoming opponent. But as they say, on any given day any team can beat any other team.

Until next week, take care and happy reading.

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