Back from camp and off to a slow start

Greetings, readers. First, thanks to Rebecca for keeping you all up to date while I was gone. This is going to be a short entry; I’m still trying to get my back-to-work routine worked out and have not gotten off to a good start. I plan to put another blog entry up tomorrow and to get back to the at-least-two-a-week schedule by next week.

Greetings, Readers the book turned out very well. Here’s to success.

Lastly, a little bit about my trip. Fishing was as good as it ever was since I’ve been going to camp. Baskets full of bass and white perch everyday. Plenty to go around to all the family members. We had bonfires and story time as well as a couple of powwows with my best friend Dave. I just love our brother-to-brother chats. On Friday, however, I felt like building an ark. Three and a half inches of rain, with local flooding, in a twenty hour period. I actually had to pack the morning I was leaving. Not fun. But I made it up to Maine and back, including a side trip to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, with no problems.

Until tomorrow, take care, enjoy, and happy reading.

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