From Rebecca: Vacation update

Joe called me today to check in. He is having a great time and said that the fishing is fantastic. Maine’s weather forecast is for today to be the last clear day and that the next two days will have a lot of rain. I was able to tell him that I am ok and that his cat Keekee is fine. Joe is half way through his vacation now, and will be back early next week. Keekee will be so happy when he gets back.

My nephew and I checked in on Keekee on Sunday and stayed about fifteen minutes. She was fine and enjoyed the canned cat food I gave her. Today when I came to stay a couple of hours and work, she was very glad to see me. She let me pet her a lot more than she did last week. And she is shedding! A lot! She did that last year when Joe went to Maine, so I expected it. I always assumed she did shed more when he is away because of unhappiness, but I have another theory now. I think that when Joe pets her everyday he cleans out her coat just a little and it keeps her shedding down, but when he is gone and she is not petted as much, the hair accumulates. Whatever the reason, it is a lot of hair flying around. I pet her a lot today, off and on, while I was there and I expect to do it again when I go tomorrow.

It might rain here today, and I hope it holds up until I get home (I am writing this at Schlow library) but it might not. Wish me luck staying dry on my way home to my hubby.

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