Daily Archives: July 24, 2013

Coffee fixes everything!

Greetings, readers. Ever have one of those good days that had a few bad things mixed in? Well, I had one yesterday. It all began when my alarm failed to go off … because I forgot to set it. I guess I needed to sleep; no big deal.

Over to Panera Cafe I went for a much-needed cup or two of light roast coffee. A friend met me and we chatted. This was also unexpected but enjoyable. We discussed issues she was having that morning. I like to think that I am always here for my friends when they need me.

In the afternoon I went to my massage therapist and ended up in more of a back spasm than when I went in. Not his fault. Alan is simply wonderful. Feeling worse when the session is over only happens on very rare occasions. After a short nap when I got home, I back felt fine again and my legs were limber. My legs and hips always tighten up during the two-week period between visits. On days that I go to see him, I usually waddle into his house because I am so stiff.

Now, at 7:30, I’m back here at Panera Cafe enjoying more light roast and writing the first draft of this blog entry long-hand. (I am typing this in the next day.) I got inspired by an embarrassing mistake. I have a friend here at Panera named Justin. I got so flustered about something else going on in my day that when I asked him what was new I said, “So what’s news, Dear?” Dear???! He knew it was a slip of the tongue and we laughed about it.

Well, until next time, when I hope my day will be a little more normal, take care, enjoy life, and happy reading.