Must I always respect my elders?

Greetings, readers. For the past several weeks this question has been weighing on my mind. I live in an apartment building that is primarily for the handicapped and the elderly. I believe I am the fourth youngest person who lives here. This puts me in a precarious situation.

My mom and dad, God rest their souls, raised me correctly. They taught me to respect my elders. I try very hard each day to do just that. However it is becoming increasingly difficult.

In our building’s community room, there are certain people (names withheld for privacy reasons) who like to gossip and, in my opinion, like to cause trouble. My situation is this: when I am around these folks at a community gathering and I see an injustice being done, I have to bite my lip and not speak my mind. The certain person who usually is taking the brunt of all this trouble is my close, personal friend.

Now for my dilemma equation: being raised to respect my elders + a boatload of older folks who act like children sometimes = Joe goes insane and doesn’t know what to do.

I feel like getting them all in a room and speaking my mind. That, however, could cause major problems. I could lose friends in the building. I could be deemed one of the trouble makers and brought to the attention of the building’s management, which might threaten my lease renewals. And at the very least I would be thought of as someone who was not raised properly.

After our Thursday evening bingo game last night, a number of us stayed afterwards and I voiced my support to my friend. Other people were around and agreed with me. Will I actually voice my concerns to my elders? I don’t know if I have the guts. And if I don’t, does that make me any less of a friend to the person getting harassed? Something to ponder, readers.

There will be an update to this blog entry within a few weeks. I will keep you posted. Until next time, have a great holiday weekend, take care, and happy reading.

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