Feeding Keekee and Update 5/3/13

Greetings, readers. My kitty cat Keekee has learned a few new tricks. When it is her dinner time, she seems to know it, and stands on the arm of my recliner chair, and just looks at me, as if to say, “Ok Daddy, it’s time.” I say, “Do you want your dinner?” She gives a meow that has to be heard to be believed, leaps over the work table, and stands by her feeding area in the kitchen. She also knows words like treats and aqua. Very smart cat. When I am getting her dinner out, she makes sounds like she hasn’t been fed in a week. I feed her … I swear it! LOL. Yes, Keekee does have me wrapped around her little paw.

On a personal level and on a work-related level, the past nine days or so have been rewarding but grueling. Luckily, everything seems to be coming back to an even keel, and starting next Wednesday, we should be able to put up two new blog posts up a week.

With the A-Z read-through now completed, what is next for the current book project is to create and edit some new material. Once that is finished, we’ll toss it into the formatted blank, fiddle with the formatting to make it look just so, and hopefully by July, my third book will be out on CreateSpace.com.

My screenplay project, sadly, is off to a slower start than I hoped for. It is still early in the ballgame, however, and I am in no way giving up hope.

Until next week, have a great weekend, take care, and happy reading.

1 thought on “Feeding Keekee and Update 5/3/13

  1. Happened across your blog last week and just joined your twitter feed the other day. I lived in State College in the 70’s. I never met your father or took a class from him but had heard of him and I knew your Mom. She was really pretty cool and a special lady. I enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to reading them. Hope to get a copy of your books soon too. Keep writing.


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