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Greetings, readers. Yesterday afternoon, my building experienced a two hour loss of power. That meant that we could only use the computer until the battery ran out and we completely lost our internet connection. That got me to thinking. What are some of the modern conveniences that we take for granted today? Here’s a list of things I have certainly enjoyed in my life, but probably could do without if I really had to. How about you?

10. Cell phones [From approximately the mid-90s on, cell phones became small enough to take with you anywhere. Now a good number of people, including myself, no longer have landlines; so much so that printed white pages are on the way out.]

  9. Laptop computers [In the late 70s and 80s, desktop personal computers were not very fancy and certainly pale in comparison to today’s machines, both laptops and PCs. Laptops allow you to take your work and games anywhere.]

  8. Gaming systems [Before the systems came out, children and teenagers had to entertain themselves with board games, outside games, coloring books, and something called reading.]

  7. High speed internet [Both DSL and dial-up are still used, but of course those who like to download movies or music videos need high-speed.]

  6. GPS systems [Roughly before the mid-2000s, people used things called maps. I hated them. I either couldn’t fold it up correctly or I ripped it.]

  5. ‘Power everything’ on automobiles [I vaguely remember the day in the early 70s when crank windows were standard on cars and power windows was considered a luxury. Such luxury cars as Cadillacs and Lincolns came equipped with them in the mid to late 70s. Most every model followed suit much later.]

  4. Compact discs, DVDs and Blue-ray discs [I still have most of my old vinyl albums. It is my record players that have worn out. The new formats certainly do have better sound and picture.]

  3. Snow and leaf blowers [Sometimes my father would give me the chore of shoveling the snow or raking those leaves. Snow blowers and leaf blowers, certainly make it easier and less time consuming.]

  2. ‘Kneeling’ busses [The modern buses of today, at least in my town, no longer have the two or three steep steps which were always difficult for the elderly and handicapped.]

  1. Internet cafes [After they became big about ten years ago, it is most convenient for me to take my laptop, plug in, log in to their internet, and occupy myself with work or pleasure while enjoying my favorite cup of java.]

Please chime in with some of the things that you could add to this list. Until next week, stay warm, have a great weekend and happy reading.