Daily Archives: February 19, 2013

Had to brace for the mini-storm

Greetings, readers. I’ll get this first statement out-of-the-way right now. I hate freezing rain! Ok, I don’t think anyone likes it. Nobody goes around saying, “Yeah, my car will have zero traction today and I’ll probably wreck!” My problem isn’t driving, it’s walking. I just have to look at a freezing sidewalk, and down on my butt I go. One big disadvantage of Cerebral Palsy; terrible balance.

Well, yesterday the weatherman… I mean meteorologist predicted a small coating of freezing rain. That was enough to make me run to the store and load up on a few supplies that both KeeKee and I needed. She needed moist food, and I was very low on milk, bread and munchies. Must have my munchies for TV time.

By late afternoon, the temperature will be warm enough so that I can do my few errands. I’ve banking to do, which couldn’t be done yesterday; President’s Day. After posting this entry, I’ll go do that, get some java somewhere and get home pronto.

Until quite soon, take care, stay warm and happy reading.